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The popular podcast "Lunch With Norm" is among the top Entrepreneurship podcasts for 2021 selected by Teikametrics. This tri-weekly show is a reliable resource for building a successful business online.
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The team at the “Lunch With Norm” podcast is pleased to report that Teikametrics has included it in its list of the best e-commerce podcasts of 2021. Since its inception, “Lunch With Norm” has hosted some of the most accomplished business leaders in the online space. The objective of this show is to help small business owners with the latest tools and advice.

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Teikametrics is an AI-powered platform to optimize and grow e-commerce businesses on Amazon and Walmart. The company regularly shares the latest insights, data trends, and best practices that are extremely useful for e-commerce business owners on its blog. The company’s Senior Manager of Content Marketing, Sarah Whedon, authored the recently published blog post.

The blog breaks down the top e-commerce podcasts of the year into several categories, including Amazon seller podcasts, general e-commerce podcasts, entrepreneurship podcasts, and business and technology podcasts. “Lunch With Norm” was listed in the entrepreneurship podcast category.

Norm Farrar’s podcast focuses on advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Topics are wide-ranging from things like growing market share on Amazon to channel expansions to product opportunities,” Sarah Whedon writes.

“Lunch With Norm” founder and host Norman Farrar is a noted entrepreneur and businessman with over 25 years of high-level experience in product sourcing, development, and branding. He is also a passionate mentor, internationally acclaimed public speaker and now an avid podcaster. In addition to leading a diverse catalog of companies, Farrar is dedicated to assisting aspiring sellers, brands, and manufacturers achieve success online.

“Being named one of the best in the industry is truly a great honor for the ‘Lunch With Norm’ team,” said Norman Farrar. “This recognition matters a lot, and it will inspire us to deliver quality content for our audience even in the most challenging of environments. I take this opportunity to congratulate the entire team and thank our valued guests and viewers.”

To find out more about Lunch With Norm, please visit the podcast’s official Facebook fan page.

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