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Lytics Offers Core CDP Solution to Help Organizations Create a Single View of the Customer

New packaging lets organizations focus on their #1 problem, data unification, before diving into deeper data affinity capabilities
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Lytics, the real-time CDP, announced new packaging and pricing for its customer data platform (CDP) solution. The announcement allows organizations to choose the package that best fits their current data unification, personalization, Martech News and orchestration needs. Lytics offers the first full-stack real-time CDP with a clear path to move up the marketing maturity curve. Organizations can begin with a core CDP solution to unify data for a real-time single view of the customer while also using engagement scoring tools to create personalized online, mobile, and social campaigns. The next step provides Intelligence, allowing organizations to surface insights around what drives customers to accelerate their journey towards specific marketing outcomes while activating messaging across all channels. The third package offers marketing nirvana, automating the delivery of the most relevant message, in the appropriate channel, using machine-learning based predictions.

“Many of our customers expressed the need for a full-stack platform to consolidate and segment customer data,” said James McDermott, CEO of Lytics. “We saw an opportunity to help the IT and MarTech teams, along with marketers, shift to a CDP approach by helping to solve their current most fundamental need: data unification to create a single view of the customer. With the announcement of our Core CDP package, along with a clear path towards marketing maturity, we’re making it easier and more affordable for organizations to adopt and get fast value from CDP technology where they are today while also offering the added value of real-time, machine learning-based engagement and behavioral scores in our core CDP solution.”

Lytics Core CDP is designed to meet organizations where they are in their data journey: trained in traditional data management platforms (DMP) technologies but challenged to personalize marketing campaigns and create customer journeys that improve customer lifetime value. The Core CDP solution also features individual and audience engagement scoring tools to help marketers create more meaningful customer segments that can then be fed into marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google, and other platforms through seamless API integrations. For example, the Lytics scoring tools can reveal which customers are highly engaged as well as those customers who are most likely to churn.

In addition to its Core CDP solution, Lytics announced premium packages and pricing for its Intelligence and Automation solutions. With the Intelligence package, organizations are able to discover who is most likely to convert, understand content interests, and channel preferences for more targeted experiences. The Automation package enables marketing program optimization with next best experience automation in and across channels.

CDPs are ideal for companies that have a lot of data, but lack visibility and insight into that data, such as UK-based car care company, Regit. Regit co-founder Terry Hogan explained, “We were a very data rich business, to the point where we were overwhelmed with information and needed to organize it better so we could identify the right offers for the right customers at the right time. In comparing DMPs and CDPs, we chose the Lytics CDP because it presented an opportunity for a long-term relationship as our marketing team matures. We first needed to wrangle the data and create a single view of the customer knowing that once that was done, we wanted to activate on the insights for personalized campaigns. We are already realizing value from the insights so we know it was the right choice for us, and we haven’t looked back since.”

For more information, join us for a free, live webinar on December 5, 2019, at 11:00 AM PST “Intro to Lytics – Get a Single View of Your Customers.”

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