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Lytics View provides marketers important customer insights and recommended actions

Lytics View combines the right data + the right data science to shorten time to value for marketers using Lytics’ CDP technology
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Lytics, the customer data platform (CDP) built for marketing teams, improves your business performance by connecting the right data to Lytics’ powerful AI engine. Today the company announced the launch of its new product, Lytics View. Lytics View accelerates the time to value of the Lytics Customer Data Platform through a streamlined onboarding process resulting in marketer’s having access to AI-driven recommendations in as little as seven days.

CDPs are the go-to technology for marketers who need to uncover customer behaviors to better segment their user base, identify the content that impacts their bottom line, and automate recommendations that deliver the best experience. Yet most companies believe that integrating a CDP platform takes too much time—time that brands no longer have as they fight to stay relevant and competitive in today’s more difficult business landscape.

Lytics View dramatically improves the time-to-value by focusing on the data that really matters. Lytics’ best-in-class machine learning makes that data actionable within days, by providing suggested actions to take allowing marketers to act on specific marketing objectives, for substantial, measurable results.

Lytics, with Lytics View, is the first CDP that puts the power of AI within easy reach of marketers in as little as 7 days. Publishers can use Lytics View to make personalized content recommendations that increase reader engagement and drive subscriptions. Consumer packaged goods companies can use it to lift online sales through more relevant and personalized digital offers. Technology companies can use Lytics View to reduce churn by predicting and proactively reaching out to disengaged customers through their preferred digital channels. Lytics View provides laser focus on strategic marketing goals to increase time to value and accelerate digital transformation.

“As organizations fight to stay relevant and competitive in today’s difficult business landscape they need to be engaged in a digital transformation initiative right now, not next year,” said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Lytics President. “There is a misconception that companies need to complete a 360-degree view of the customer project before delivering on great customer experiences. We’ve discovered that approximately 92 percent of outcome variabilities can be traced to customer activities that can be measured through affinity and behavioral data. That means much of the time that organizations spend collecting, cleaning, and consolidating data doesn’t add immediate value to improve business performance. With Lytics View, marketers can start acting on the insights provided from customer behaviors immediately, and turn that intelligence into personalized digital experiences in as quickly as seven days.”

Lytics View supports the use cases that are most important for marketers today: increasing conversions, reducing churn, boosting customer engagement, and acquiring more customers. Each marketing use case features two unique intelligence reports that provide actionable insights:

  • The journey intelligence report presents a holistic view of how current campaign efforts are contributing to the specific marketing goal, as well as recommendations to improve those results;
  • The experience intelligence report offers a single point of access to key conversion metrics—clicks, opens, conversions—and shows the relevance of a campaign’s landing page.

“We’ve partnered with Lytics for two years and continue to be thrilled with the innovation they bring to our marketing teams,” shares Noelle Feron, Sr. Director, Digital Transformation, Bravo Group. “We’re excited to use the new Journey and Experience reports to help us make better decisions about which actions our team should take, especially when it comes to our email campaigns and ad platforms.”

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