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M-Brain is now Valona in Global Rebrand

Steering Market and Competitive Intelligence Beyond Generative AI

M-Brain, a global forerunner of competitive and market intelligence solutions, will evolve into Valona Intelligence. This powerful new identity leverages the company’s 20 years of experience, reflecting its position as a world leader in the Market and Competitive Intelligence space.

Valona’s hybrid intelligence approach uses AI at the core to provide impactful insights from over 200,000 business-focused global content sources, including those behind paywalls. Combining their proprietary AI technology with a team of industry-savvy analysts and customer strategists at the helm, Valona equips businesses with the tools needed to make impactful, informed decisions.

“Under the new identity of Valona, we’re elevating market and competitive intelligence beyond generative AI,” said Kimmo Havu, CEO at Valona. “By integrating AI with authentic, reliable content, alongside human analysis, we bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights that fuel business decisions.”

This distinctive blend equips Valona customers with a measurable competitive edge while enhancing their ability to identify market trends early.

“In contrast to many market competitors who are pure technology providers, we ensure our customers have comprehensive support,” Havu said. “Our toolkit, backed with our team’s expertise, operationalizes insights to strategically target business needs, ensuring our customers stay ahead of their competition.”

“Our commitment to our customers goes beyond facilitating better decisions; we drive revenue growth. After all, what is greater than gaining more customers?” Havu said.

Valona continues to invest in its vision to make every business decision insights-driven at all levels of an organization. The introduction of a unique AI research assistant to the platform is further evidence of Valona’s commitment to maintaining its cutting-edge status. This new feature, launching later this year, will amplify organizations’ ability to perform faster, more precise analyses – just one highlight of the forward-thinking investments under the company’s renamed identity.

The rebrand underlines Valona’s status as a market leader, a recognition backed by The Forrester WaveTM: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2023 report. With an exceptional track record and a platform tailored for the future, Valona is set to redefine market and competitive intelligence.

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