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Magic EdTech Bag the Prestigious 1EdTech Power Learner Potential Award

Magic EdTech

Magic EdTech, a leader in the field of educational technology solutions, has been awarded the esteemed 1EdTech Power Learner Potential Award at the 1EdTech Annual Learning Impact Conference held in Salt Lake City. This accolade demonstrates Magic’s commitment to building an open, innovative, and trusted edtech ecosystem that enhances learning for everyone.

Empowering Learning Through Innovation and Equity

The Power Learner Potential Award recognizes organizations that empower learners and faculty by offering a foundation of choice and personalization, paving the way for a lifetime of opportunities. Magic EdTech’s pioneering work in AI has significantly enhanced digital equity and access, providing personalized learning experiences tailored to individual needs. By prioritizing ethical AI, accessibility, and data security, they ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all learners. Magic’s commitment to delivering usable insights and actionable data has proven invaluable in driving student success.

Magic EdTech’s dedication to open standards and collaborative innovation has also been a key factor in this recognition. The company has demonstrated significant progress towards creating a responsive, innovative, and trusted ecosystem. By leveraging AI technology, Magic EdTech has developed AI pilots and products that set new benchmarks in educational technology. Commenting on the win, Acky Kamdar, CEO of Magic EdTech, stated, “Magic is a dedicated partner to 1EdTech, and we are committed to engineering technology that enhances learning efficacy. This award recognizes the difference our offerings make to the learning community.”

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