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Magnifi Joins AWS ISV Partner Path


Magnifi, a video-editing SaaS platform, today announced it is now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner on the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Path and has successfully completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR). Adhering to AWS FTR guidelines, Magnifi can review projects against AWS FTR requirements adhering to best practices and ensuring the best possible customer experience.

The AWS ISV Partner Path grants AWS ISV Partners like Magnifi access to AWS resources and receives prescriptive guidance on how to build, market and sell solutions with AWS, along with training discounts to develop AWS-based skills and capabilities. Magnifi also has access to the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, which provides ISVs co-sell support and benefits to easily gain access to millions of active AWS customers by working with AWS sales teams globally.

“With consumer preferences shifting from long-form video to bite-sized content, the cloud ecosystem is growing in size and importance, particularly for content creators and broadcasters,” says Magnifi CEO and Co-founder Vinayak Shrivastav. “As an AWS Technology Partner, Magnifi can offer content creators more cost-effective, high-quality video services than ever before. We recognize the potential of the video tech industry and strive to strengthen the ecosystem through our solutions that help customers create, enrich and edit their video content, which is why this is so invaluable.”

The AWS ISV Partner Path helps customers identify solutions that are reviewed by AWS. It pivots the focus from partners to solutions to better align with customers’ needs.

It also provides a new and simplified partner experience designed to accelerate the engagement ISVs have with AWS through curated programs, funding benefits and co-selling support. Among other benefits, the AWS ISV Partner Path removes AWS Partner Network (APN) tier requirements for ISVs, while retaining their eligibility for valuable programs such as AWS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Factory, AWS Competency and AWS Service Ready. Magnifi can now directly access several AWS resources and participate in APN programs as they progress along the path.

The cornerstone of engagement with AWS ISV Partner Path starts with an AWS FTR, formerly known as the Technical Baseline Review, which also unlocks access to solution-level badging. The FTR enables AWS Partners to identify and remediate risks in their products or solutions based on AWS best practices related to security, reliability, and operational excellence. The FTR is created in alignment with AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars and is led by an AWS Partner Solutions Architect (SA) in a one-on-one-engagement.

As a forerunner in video development, Magnifi has created radical Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and a holistic video technology ecosystem that delivers dynamic video content in engaging and cost-efficient, easy-to-use formats. Magnifi provides a clear quantifiable value proposition to its users – reducing time to edit by 95%, reducing manpower costs by less than half and driving higher engagement up to 2-3x.

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