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Magnite announced a partnership with Mediaocean

Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising company, today announced a partnership with Mediaocean, the mission-critical platform for omnichannel advertising, to provide direct access to streaming and CTV inventory for local linear buyers.

Mediaocean’s ad infrastructure serves as the industry’s trusted plan-to-pay media management solution empowering agency teams to work more effectively with a centralized workflow across channels and buying methods. It normalizes processes through user security and permissions, seamlessly integrates with supply, technology and data partners, and includes a financial system to maintain a complete bill-pay process for client and vendor invoices.

“As traditional television and digital increasingly converge, we remain committed to enabling omnichannel execution and providing interoperability with key players across the advertising ecosystem,” said Richard Pacheco, SVP Strategic Partnerships at Mediaocean. “We’re excited to give local linear TV buyers a direct avenue to the entirety of Magnite’s premium CTV supply through existing workflow in our platform.”

As part of the agreement, local buyers will be able to allocate localized spend to Magnite within Mediaoceanand seamlessly execute these CTV buys with their existing planning tools, minimizing operational hurdles for linear buying teams. As the cord-cutting movement accelerates, Magnite is well-positioned to help local linear buyers evolve their buying strategies to accommodate this continued shift in viewing habits, helping to ensure they can reach their audiences across a wide range of demographics and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

“The integration of Magnite’s streaming TV footprint into Mediaocean provides a fully converged workflow for local linear buyers to extend their reach into streaming,” said Matt McLeggon, SVP, Advanced Solutions at Magnite. “This direct line into CTV unlocks efficiencies which will allow agency partners to direct more dollars toward high quality working media, agnostic of screen. We’re excited about the impact that this partnership is already having on the fluidity of local linear media investment.”

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