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MailUp Group to Acquire Datatrics and Enters the Artificial Intelligence Space


MailUp Group, a company admitted to trading on the multilateral trading facility AIM Italia and operating in the marketing technology field, announced yesterday the signing of a binding agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Datatrics B.V, a Dutch company founded in 2012 that developed a state-of-the-art predictive marketing platform, able to grow globally and focused on making data-science accessible to marketers.

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Datatrics’ proprietary technology enables marketing teams to build customer experiences based on artificial-intelligence-managed data, resulting in better quality customer engagement, higher conversion rates and upgraded loyalty, via a customer data management platform with a self-learning algorithm. The use of Artificial Intelligence allows the combination of data from multiple sources, both Clients’ internal sources (CRM, email, social network, ecommerce and more) and external features (demographics, weather, traffic and more) using an open Customer Data Platform approach. Marketers thus gain detailed, comprehensive and unified customer profiles in view of an efficient and effective use of tools and channels.

Datatrics was founded by Mr. Bas Nieland, current Chief Executive Officer and currently serves ca. 100 corporate clients (showing a 43% growth in 1H2018), including Siemens, LeasePlan, KLM, PostNL, British Petroleum, CarGlass and Rabobank. The company is based in Enschede (NL) and has offices in AmsterdamUtrecht and London.

The transaction represents an important milestone in the Group growth strategy in an increasingly data-centered competitive landscape, with the aim of growing the average return per customer, leveraging on the enhancement of the product and solutions portfolio with a technology already integrated with the MailUp platform and the email template editor.

Matteo Monfredini, Chairman and founder of MailUp Group, stated: “MailUp Group and Datatrics share the same ethical and transparent attitude towards consumers, who are allowed full ownership and governance over their personal data, consistent with the most recent European GDPR regulation. Moreover, Datatrics competitive advantage lies in its unparalleled value proposition to marketers, who show an increasing demand for a unified view of disconnected customer data across different systems, as well as the ability to manage the customer experience in real-time across all the relevant communication channels, including advertising and website. MailUps and Datatricsintegration will position us in the segment of Digital Marketing Hubs and Customer Data Platform.

Nazzareno Gorni, CEO and founder of MailUp Group, stated: “We are very satisfied of Datatrics acquisition. Artificial-Intelligence-based technology allows marketers to experience an immediate and measurable uplift in results, as Datatrics solution is able to not only predict the best content to be delivered on the best channel at the right moment, but also which is the best way to positively influence customers in order to maximize the conversion of a message.

Bas Nieland, CEO and founder of Datatrics, stated: Datatrics project has arisen from the vision that artificial intelligence should be available to all marketing teams. The acquisition represents not only a great complement to our work in the past years, but also a great opportunity to expand our vision and grow internationally.

The transaction contemplates the purchase of 100% of Datatrics share capital from its current shareholders for a total consideration of ca. Euro 3.8 mn to be paid in cash and via a capital increase reserved to the sellers, who will also be granted an earn-out provision. The closing is expected to be effective by the end of October.

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