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Marin Software Announces Release of Budget Optimizer

Advertisers can automate the management of campaign budgets across publishers and accounts to deliver superior results

Marin Software announced today the addition of Budget Optimizer to its flagship digital marketing platform, MarinOne. Budget Optimizer gives advertisers improved automated control of their marketing budgets and helps to maximize the return on their investment.

“The primary goal for performance marketers is to deliver customers and growth. Accurately managing marketing budgets is a key challenge,” said Chris Lien. “Budget Optimizer gives marketers the ability to set a goal and leverage MarinOne’s powerful forecasting and optimization capabilities to take care of the rest.”

Advertisers working across channels currently have to depend on a disconnected array of tools to understand, plan, and execute their digital strategies. Marketers are held to monthly or quarterly planning cycles, but are limited to setting a daily or lifetime budget for their campaigns in the publisher tools. Google and Bing do not easily provide visibility into how performance is pacing towards monthly targets.

Budget Optimizer solves these challenges by providing an end-to-end workflow that helps advertisers create their plan and pace performance against the plan. Advertisers can automate the management of campaign budgets across Publishers and Accounts while maintaining cost control and driving superior results.

First, Budget Optimizer forecasts the marginal return of their advertising investment, calculating the impact of increasing or decreasing spend. Interactive visualizations illustrate the trade-offs between spend, volume and efficiency. Advertisers can also determine how they want to allocate their spend between campaigns, channels, and publishers and set constraints based on their business needs. Plans can be created for months, quarters or custom date ranges which are useful for promotional periods.

During the spend period, Budget Optimizer continually tracks campaign performance and provides advertisers an easy-to-read dashboard showing how campaigns are progressing against goals. Advertisers can see at a glance if their campaigns are on target or over or under spending.

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