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Market Intelligence Leader, ZoomInfo Launches First BCPR

Elevates Privacy Standards Within Industry by Facilitating Consumer Opt-Out Services
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ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of its Business Contact Preference Registry (BCPR), a global database of opt-out requests processed by ZoomInfo available to other business-to-business (B2B) data providers. The BCPR is a groundbreaking, consumer-friendly initiative and the latest in the company’s efforts to elevate privacy standards across the B2B data industry.

The collection of data is central to businesses in the B2B data industry, but the responsibility of ethical data stewardship falls onto the shoulders of each individual company. As industry leaders in data privacy, ZoomInfo has made it easier for businesses in the B2B data marketplace to address the preferences of consumers by building, maintaining, and sharing access to the BCPR.

“It’s critical for data-focused companies to prioritize privacy,” said Bubba Nunnery, ZoomInfo’s Senior Director of Privacy and Public Policy. “The Business Contact Preference Registry offers businesses a convenient way to prioritize privacy by supplying the entire B2B data industry with a ready-made list of consumer opt-outs. We’re proactively sharing our opt-outs as an invitation to B2B companies to join us in putting privacy first.”

ZoomInfo is dedicated to increasing its commitment to data privacy. In April, the company attained TrustArc’s GDPR and CCPA Practices Validations. For more information, read about ZoomInfo’s commitment to data privacy, compliance, and security.

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