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Marketers Can Now Track Calls from Google My Business with CallRail’s New Integration

CallRail, a leading marketing analytics platform, launched its Google My Business (GMB) Integration today. The solution allows marketers to automatically create and install a tracking phone number for their account and allows them to separate leads sourced from GMB from their main business line or organic search. Marketers can now view the person-level data from GMB and use these lead insights to inform their digital strategies moving forward martech news.

While today’s business leaders know a key strategy for obtaining new customers is through Google, one area small businesses, especially, should be putting more time and money into is their local search strategy. There are multiple ways customers can discover a small business with Google, but with less than half of Google searches resulting in a click, it’s more important than ever that marketers are using call tracking to understand how all conversion points are performing. After marketers have taken this step, it’s essential they are tracking calls directly from their GMB listing. With this integration, CallRail is arming small businesses with the information they need to report on real insights from their local search marketing.

“Google and local search marketing have become synonymous. That’s why, as a platform that makes it as easy as possible for businesses to see where their leads are coming from, we need to be deeply integrated with Google,” said Kevin Mann, CPO and co-founder of CallRail. “Because so many Google searches are resulting in zero clicks, it’s often hard for small and local businesses to understand where their leads are coming from. This integration supports our customers by giving them access to all lead data coming through calls from GMB to improve their marketing strategies in 2020 and beyond.”

Currently, marketers utilizing GMB as an organic search tactic have limited access to data from the calls that were made from their GMB listing. GMB Insights doesn’t house call recordings, person-level data or information on calls that result from a click-through to the website. CallRail’s GMB Integration solves these current pain points for marketers in three key areas:

— There is a simple setup for marketers to obtain actionable lead data: They can automate call tracking from GMB with CallRail’s new integration and separate reporting for GMB and traditional organic search so they know where their leads are coming from.

— Businesses have access to full, multi-channel attribution data for all lead types: Marketers can view leads from their GMB listing alongside leads from calls, forms on the website or landing pages, and all marketing channels. They will now truly understand how their leads convert into paying customers with the call recording feature, and a view of the full multi-touch buyer’s journey.

— Person-level data is now available for GMB Phone Calls: Contact information, including names, emails and phone numbers are stored inside of CallRail for the lifetime of each business’ account. Marketers can use this data to not only understand where their leads are coming from but those leads that have engaged with their business multiple times and the conversations that have driven them to convert.

“It’s extremely important for all local businesses to be optimized for local search and have a complete GMB listing,” said Mann. “If not, small and local businesses are missing out on reaching potential customers and gaining insights into where their clicks and calls are coming from. Armed with this information, marketers will know how each Google search actually converts into a paying customer.”

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