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Marketing analytics to drive Business Growth

digital marketing analytics

In the digital marketing world, there’s an inundation of data. Marketers need to comprehend which data is significant and which they should scrap and discard. Marketing analytics steer us in the right direction and ensure that consumer data guides our marketing actions.

This blog post will illustrate how you can make digital marketing analytics work for your business.

The advancements

Marketers must create a solid strategy and have the proper training to leverage marketing analytics precisely. Are the most crucial marketing KPIs the KPIs you most focus on? The myriad of choices analytics give leave marketers stranded, but if you do it well, it can make every business decision informed and accurate. 

“The marketing analytics strategy should be more about the areas that need the most improvement and not only the areas that have had the most investment in the past.”

Marketing growth occurs when you’re strategic about spending and ROI. Consumer behavior has changed drastically in the last few years- marketing today needs to be more dynamic. Marketers must couple analytics with creativity to understand how to use that data to create and execute marketing campaigns better. For instance, content marketing analytics should help you leap from where you are to where you want to go. When you have some data, use your creativity to scale the results.

The key to getting the most out of marketing analytics is making it answer the questions you can’t. Firstly, you should be clear with your business goals, marketing objectives, and metrics- only then can you decide on the analytics KPIs you need to emphasize and measure. Marketing analytics have different use cases, but they need to have parlance that’s understood organization-wide.

The Tools & Tactics

One thing about marketing analytics in today’s age is understanding that micro conversions are just as impactful as macro conversions. The marketing funnel isn’t linear anymore, so even though you believe particular actions might not have a direct revenue impact, they set your brand up for success. Measuring the KPIs will give you an assessment of your marketing activities, but when you pair it with critical thinking and creativity- you map the entire journey.

The most important takeaway for marketing analytics tools and tactics is result-oriented steps. What it is that you want to achieve should come before how you will do it. Marketers need to enact goals intro strategy and overcome limited thinking patterns. 

The tool’s performance report doesn’t say anything about your marketing strategy. Choose and prioritize your marketing goals and create customized performance reports that sync with your plan. That’s how you turn data into action!

The Editor’s Note

At first, the pie charts and graphics can seem quite intimidating, and you may find yourself overwhelmed gauging what is necessary and why. Keep looking at marketing data analytics from a different standpoint- beyond one tool or tactic. Marketing today needs a comprehensive view. This is how you ask the right questions, and this is how you take the right actions.

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