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Marketing Automation Cloud – An All Round Marketing Automation

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Marketing Cloud is utilized for delivering relevant, personalized journeys to your target audiences over the right channels and devices.

The product helps marketing professionals to deliver the right messages at the right time to the right users throughout a campaign timeline, during the entirety of the relationship.

The aim of cloud marketing is to use ways for advertising through online applications to target customers via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and various other websites that aim to reach out to the consumers by exhibiting different brands, products, and services.

Within Marketing Cloud, users can exploit integrated solutions like Customer Journey Management, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Email Studio, content management and creation, web personalization, advertising, and data analysis.

Marketing Cloud and marketing automation are two processes that help businesses to market their products and services online through an integrated digital experience.

Using marketing cloud and marketing automation markets targeting leads and customers need to ensure that their materials are compatible with devices, which are equipped with rendering electronic media.

All of these integrations work together to help you in achieving your primary objectives, build new goals, and give a clear visualization into the journey of your customer through the lens of marketing.

Marketing Automation Cloud

The marketing cloud is a platform, developed to automate marketing. Designed for marketers to create and manage the relationship with their customers and developing campaigns and manage them. Analyzing and collecting the insights that can be beneficial for the growth of the business and developing the strategies that can effectively work for your business. It also helps in providing a personalized experience to your customers and fulfilling their requirements. Some Marketing Cloud such as that of Salesforce enables you to manage the engagement through customer’s overall journey that involves salesforce marketing, sales, customer interaction, service, and support overall the channels. Be it email through the web, SMS through Phone, social media, digital advertising, and any other channel.

What can you do with Marketing Cloud?

Develop automated and personalized experience

Using Marketing Cloud’s marketing automation tool lets you create customer journeys through multiple channels such as push notifications, email, SMS, social media, advertisements, and web. These journeys have different stages on the basis of the interactions a customer has with your brand.

Segment your Audience

Marketing Cloud puts all the data of a company at disposal and uses it as a jumping-off point and a means of interaction in the customer journey with the help of Data Extensions.

The data you have stored in your ERP, CRM, PMS or your website is synchronized in real-time and available for all the automated marketing initiatives.

Enhance customer engagement

One of the possibilities Marketing Cloud brings to the table is the ability to build relationships with customers and generate engagement. Integrated solutions such as Email Studio and Social Studio will give you the power to develop personalized email marketing and social media campaigns to turn your followers into leads. Mobile Studio will allow you to carry out actions through push notifications, SMS, or group messaging services.

Analyze impact of your action

You’ll be able to generate real-time reports and statistics for every action you execute with Marketing Cloud using Analytics. You will be able to track who visits your website comprehensively, the reach your email marketing campaigns have, how your social media profiles are progressing, and more. Marketing Cloud also allows us to determine how many customers and prospects we have at every step of the journey.

Get Predictions

The AI functionality provides you with predictive data about the behaviour of your customers that lets you determine what time you send your email blasts to ensure that you have a higher probability of your users opening them and generate engagement.

It also allows you to see the segments you are impacting or over-impacting to adapt then the number of emails you are sending to each segment to optimize your performance.

Benefits of using Marketing Cloud


Marketing Cloud and marketing automation help businesses to reduce the cost of marketing distribution materials, which involves sending e-books, catalogues, magazines, and other similar advertising materials to consumers as digital media. It helps to send promotional contents across the digital format, which enables a cheaper and faster approach. The decrease in the cost of printing and the efficient use of online materials, which can be used constantly, makes Cloud marketing so popular among all businesses in modern times.

Better audience engagement

Marketing Cloud helps users in creating personalized experiences for their customers, which means they can leverage a full 360-degree view of each and every one of them through the power of the platform.

Marketing Cloud permits you to connect the dots over various important touchpoints of the customer so you can become a customer-centric company.


Customization while utilizing marketing cloud permits businesses to creatively use interactive media to produce relevant and effective advertisements while targeting a customer.  Customization also incorporates the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter to customize pages to interact with the audience following your brands over the internet. Once markets deploy cloud marketing through a CRM platform, they can even integrate information from third-party data sources, including surveys and emails to visualize the customer experience.

Understand your potential customers better

Marketing Cloud connects data with your marketing processes to empower you in optimizing them.

You know everything about what is working and what isn’t. Everything you need to know about your customers is shown to you with clear visualization.


Timing is always a crucial prerequisite for targeting clients with the help of marketing cloud and marketing automation. Traditional brand advertising methods, such as posters and surveys, have a very limited time window before they become invalid. However, the marketing cloud helps a business to produce advertisements as and when it is needed for the consumers. Thus, the advertising materials can be easily removed if the marketing campaign or the advertising season is over. The materials used for marketing cloud can be effortlessly erased from the Internet or even can be modified along with different hyperlinks to make sure that the materials are fit for its purpose, and the customized contents are delivered at the perfect time.

Final Take

As you can see, Marketing Cloud is a unique tool for crafting Marketing Automation strategies and personalized strategies. The possibilities are nearly unlimited, once we know how to get the most out of the tool. This capability can give all of us the power to completely transform the way in which we run campaigns to be even more efficient and effective.


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