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Marketing Automation Provider Integrates with CDP Platform, Segment

The Added Capabilities Allow Companies to Action Customer Data Bi-Directionally Across All Channels and Touchpoints in a Secure Environment
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Sailthru, a CM Group brand and the leading personalized marketing automation technology provider for retailers and publishers, today announced a new integration with Segment, a leading customer data platform (CDP). The bi-directional integration makes it easy for companies to achieve a new level of unified customer communication and insight, paving the way for a scalable, data-driven future. With first- and zero-party data management more crucial than ever, Sailthru customers can easily access data from any channel or touchpoint to react in real time and create a better omnichannel experience.

With the integration built in, marketers can launch powerful personalization and automation journeys that align with customer preferences, predict future behaviors, record and act on order data, and build new lists using custom Segment variables. In addition to sending rich Sailthru insights through Segment’s CDP for more seamless customer experiences across all channels, users can also develop deeper customer insights and robust profiles via Segment Personas or the data warehouse.

“The customer data platforms I’ve integrated in the past took at least six months. With Sailthru, the Segment integration took two days, and it’s been seamless to use. I’m thrilled with how easily I can access a variety of data points to take our customer experience to the next level,” said Kaleigh Clement, Director of CRM at Raise.

A unified strategy helps companies move at the speed of today’s omnichannel customer. A report from McKinsey notes that marketers who do not prioritize access to first-party data will have to spend 10% to 20% more to generate the same returns as marketers with a solid first-party data strategy. Designed for usability, the seamless integration ensures that companies can quickly access and use data points in a privacy-first environment, with minimal developer time needed.

The new bi-directional Segment integration provides the following benefits to Sailthru customers:

  • Easily connect a single user across channels: Pageviews, mobile app views and email engagement are all tied to the same person.
  • Bridge offline and online shopping experiences: For retailers with a brick and mortar presence, all customer touchpoints can be combined, including a POS system, into a usable, single customer view.
  • Combine mobile data with email engagement: Segment makes it easy to tie email engagement and other third-party tools with mobile app engagement to have a clear picture of who is using an app.

“The future of marketing is built on first-party data that powers a unified customer experience across channels. In an environment where consumers already expect privacy-first, omnichannel personalization, companies must prioritize new innovations that help them move at the speed of their customers,” said Allison Stone, Vice President of Product Management at Sailthru. “This bi-directional integration combines Sailthru’s leading personalized marketing capabilities with Segment’s flexible customer data layer, bringing our customers closer to a unified strategy. Now, they can easily access and consolidate insights from any channel for a robust customer view.”

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