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Marketing Company Helps Professionals Become Post-Pandemic Heroes

theONswitch Launches E-Book With 10 Tips for Discovering Superpowers
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In honor of National Superhero Day on Apr. 28, theONswitch marketing is launching a branding and coaching program called “Get Your Cape On,” geared toward helping professionals become post-pandemic superheroes. A long-time comic book fan, founder Nancy A Shenker sees many parallels between popular superhero stories and getting businesses on track and scaling them.

“The pandemic has left many people feeling powerless,” she notes. “In this case, the villain was a worldwide virus. But, just as injured superheroes find inner strengths, we need to do that as well,” says Shenker.

A comic-style e-book with a worksheet is the first part of the training, which also includes individual and team coaching. It includes 10 tips for discovering your inner superpowers to transform your life and business post-pandemic and can be downloaded for free here.

A key part of the program is the establishment of your own Justice League – an inner circle of other people who will help you in your business and life mission.

“After the recession, I realized that carrying lots of overhead – a fancy office, huge payroll, and other expenses – wasn’t healthy for my own business or my clients’ wallets. I’ve been assembling ‘A-Team’ groups for years, which enabled me to survive and thrive during the pandemic. I bring in best-of-class talent to perform marketing feats.”

The program includes a simple worksheet to help professionals pinpoint their superpowers and kryptonite. One-on-one coaching also is available, and participants can even have a custom-designed superhero character designed for them, as a reminder of their strengths and abilities. theONswitch also helps companies and solopreneurs identify the other members of their League and helps them find/recruit them.

Shenker, for example, connected with 35-year-old Sarah Cicala-Johnson, who recently relocated to Arizona from Michigan. “I’m Robin to Nancy’s Batwoman,” says Cicala-Johnson. “We are three decades apart and I have a range of complementary skills.” They’ve recruited other superheroes globally, including a woman they call “The Swagger,” who is an expert on promotional product development.

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