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Marketing Leader Affinitiv Helps Retailers Acquire Inventory

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Affinitiv, the leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions to the automotive market, helps OEMs and retailers successfully acquire high-demand pre-owned inventory and increase vehicle sales with its two key solutions, Quote and Trade-In Valet. These two software and marketing solutions are a driving force for client sales, with Quote attributing to 20% of vehicle sales for one of Affinitiv’s leading OEM clients in 2020.

Affinitiv Quote and Trade-In Valet specifically help retailers cost-efficiently acquire inventory while driving vehicle sales and high-quality leads. Affinitiv Quote is an advanced equity mining tool that shortens the trade cycle by utilizing its proprietary AI. This equips retailers to be able to identify vehicles for acquisition. In addition, Affinitiv Quote enables dealers to send targeted messages to vehicle owners to begin discussing options that best meet the consumers’ needs, which could mean trading in their vehicle for a new lease or purchase. This key feature successfully creates loyalty between the dealer and OEM by educating consumers on vehicle trading opportunities.

“Affinitiv’s software solutions help streamline processes and accounted for 20% of our vehicle sales at our dealerships in 2020,” said the President and CEO of an Affinitiv OEM client. “Quote has been especially instrumental in driving business for our dealers and provides them a first look at customers in an equity position. The entire team at Affinitiv has really helped us drive consumers to both our physical and virtual dealerships to not only sell them a car but to trade in their vehicle as well.”

Affinitiv Trade-In Valet easily integrates into a dealer’s website and guarantees trade-in values before the consumer ever steps foot into the dealership. Retailers utilizing Affinitiv Trade-In Valet have seen an uptick in trade-in volume as well as a stronger and more efficient relationship with the consumer. Affinitiv Trade-In Valet creates transparency for vehicle shoppers, which in turn makes the trade and buying process much more enjoyable.

By utilizing both Affinitiv Quote and Trade-In Valet, dealers can provide a one-stop-shop where customers can explore their trade-up options with a guaranteed offer for their trade. Ultimately, the amount of time dedicated to buying and trading vehicles is significantly decreased when using Affinitiv Quote and Trade-In Valet solutions.

“Efficiently attracting, targeting, and engaging vehicle buyers while building inventory is more important for retailers today than ever before,” said Sid Nair, President and CEO of Affinitiv. “Inventory levels are going to remain tight throughout the year as retailers continue to look for new ways to drive profitability, differentiate their consumer experiences, and create consumer loyalty. Affinitiv is focused on leveraging innovative software and marketing to create memorable customer experiences and to drive loyalty for both retailers and OEMs.”

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