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Marketing Platform Rockerbox Launches Rockerbox Experiments

New solution expands platform’s unbiased marketing attribution and measurement to understand lift and maximize ROI.
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Rockerbox, the leading marketing measurement platform for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, has released Rockerbox Experiments, a new solution that—when combined with the technology’s best-in-class attribution—provides additional measurement capabilities and expanded datasets to help enable a more data-driven marketing organization. With Rockerbox’s expansive partner ecosystem, marketers can now measure and compare experiments with their top platforms all within Rockerbox to better understand the full scope of their contributions and evaluate which tactics are driving the most effective results for their businesses.

“Brands that win today are those that recognize the benefit of having a strong marketing data foundation, upon which the true performance and lift of their marketing can be determined,” said Ron Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Rockerbox. “By bringing together attribution and experiments into a single platform, Rockerbox ensures that brands have the full set of tools needed to scale their organizations.”

According to Harvard Business Review, e-commerce companies that run ad experiments “typically invest about ten percent of their overall advertising budget in experimentally measured campaigns […] and see two to three percent better performance per experiment run (as measured by purchases achieved per advertising dollar spent).” While Rockerbox’s attribution offers unique benefits, like cross-channel measurement, granular results and path to conversion insights, supplementing this foundation with Rockerbox Experiments is a powerful addition. Marketers now have an additional method to measure and verify individual platform, campaign and ad performance.

With Rockerbox Experiments, brands can uncover the incremental lift of the platform tests they’re running, such as A/B testing and geo-variance tests, to compare marketing efforts against a baseline and report on a campaign or channel’s impact on conversions, cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS). The solution provides marketers an overview of all their experiments in one place, as well as analyzes the lift, statistical significance and performance of each test campaign.

To request a demo of Rockerbox Experiments or learn more about how Rockerbox is helping brands measure the true value of their marketing, visit

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