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Marketing Research Firms, Offers a Lifeline to Small Businesses

Affordable insights, accurate strategic guidance, and a mobile-first platform will help them navigate the COVID-19 crisis.
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In these uncertain times, many small businesses are having a very difficult time staying afloat. A recent Washington Post article estimated that more than 100,000 small businesses have already shut down, forever. Those that are surviving, face increased competition for the dwindling consumer dollar.

Enter 360 Research, a new full-service marketing research company founded and launched by a 25-year veteran of the industry. The company is using cutting-edge data analytics, along with industry-leading technology, to help small businesses with advertising, branding, and other crucial decision-making processes that can make or break their success.

“Our goal is to level the playing field for all businesses, by providing affordable, actionable insights, impactful recommendations, and accurate strategic guidance,” said Sean Fannin, director and founder.

360 Research synthesizes data from multiple sources; including primary research data, social media analytics, and secondary data based on each client’s sector. They also consider the impact of current social and market conditions.

“We offer research projects that are designed for the specific needs of evolving small businesses, at a very low entry point,” Fannin added.

360 Research has a suite of products and services that truly give companies a complete view of themselves and the marketplace. These include ad or concept testing, brand health assessments, packaging evaluations, customer satisfaction metrics, and tracking studies with real-time insights. The company can take a deep dive into a new product or service, as well as measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and messaging.

Additionally, 360 Research has cutting-edge tools that offer immersive, real-time reactions to products, services, and advertising. For example, their 360 Product Evaluator lets companies test products in a 360-degree virtual space; 360 Heat Map shows where people click on an image; 360 Geotargeting can be set to engage survey participants in specified areas in real time; and their 360 Video Evaluator can test long or short form video content, in as little as a few hours.

“Our research process and platform are fully integrated, streamlined, and optimized from end-to-end. Therefore, we can deliver fast, affordable, highly targeted insights along with interactive reporting, including real-time data dashboards and infographics, sometimes within 24 hours,” Fannin said.

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