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MarTech Blockchain Company Ojamu Announces Polygon Mainnet Launch

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Tech Blockchain company Ojamu has announced their Polygon Mainnet Launch with the support of Polygon, a leading decentralized framework for interconnecting Ethereum-compatible Blockchain networks. The Ai-driven Ojamu platform has already partnered with Polygon in the development of its testnet, as Polygon strives to empower individuals and communities to exchange value without gatekeepers and intermediaries on the global scale.

In order to facilitate and optimize the Polygon Mainnet usage, Ojamu will be announcing a ‘Bridge’ mechanism and plan for its current ERC-20 OJA Token holders in the coming days.

The Ojamu Blockchain team has advanced its development on integrating with Polygon PoS in order to utilize the benefits of Polygon’s Ethereum scaling solution. Polygon PoS Chain is an EVM-compatible sidechain, secured by a set of PoS validators and checkpoints. The development will further improve the user experience in the Ojamu ecosystem by streamlining congestion problems. Further technical updates will be announced soon.

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