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Martech Company NextRoll Names New CEO & 5x Increase in Profit

Company magnifies focus on its marketing technology platforms, announcing new growth with a new leader
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NextRoll, Inc., the marketing technology company delivering products for ambitious marketers to grow their business, today announced it is projected to deliver over $175M revenue this fiscal year. Despite the macro-economic challenges happening across the globe, the company is projecting record EBITDA into the eight figures and growing more than 400 percent year-over-year.

Using its machine learning and data platform infrastructure, NextRoll serves tens of thousands of customers globally. Its two major business units, RollWorks and AdRoll, have seen growing traction in both software revenue and subscribers as the company continues to expand beyond its media foundations:

  • RollWorks is projecting revenue growth for its Account-Based Platform of 70 percent year-over-year for Q3. This growth is fueled by new packages rolled out in April, making the RollWorks Account-Based Platform one of the most affordable and accessible ABM offerings in the market. RollWorks continues to deliver innovative capabilities to ambitious B2B marketing and sales teams with new products like Account Intent, Intent Playbook, and Sales Insights. The RollWorks Account-Based Platform is also extending its footprint through recent integrations and partnerships with Bombora, Hubspot, Linkedin, Marketo, OpenSense, and Salesforce.
  • AdRoll is projecting subscriber growth for its Growth Marketing Platform of 73 percent quarter-over-quarter for Q3. This growth is fueled by a freemium approach launched in April allowing direct-to-consumer marketers to start on a free plan before progressing to a paid plan. The AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform continues to deliver innovative capabilities to D2C e-commerce brands with new offerings including email add ons, AI product recommendations, and cross-channel measurement.

To continue on its path of product-led growth in the marketing technology space, NextRoll also announced Robin Bordoli as the new CEO, succeeding Toby Gabriner in the role. Most recently Bordoli has served as the President of the RollWorks business unit for the last 18 months.  Prior to NextRoll, Bordoli also served as CEO at Figure Eight and held multiple leadership roles at Marketo, including incubating and growing the B2C business unit. Bordoli will continue to serve as President for RollWorks while actively looking for a new President for AdRoll.

“I’ve spent my career identifying emerging growth markets and aligning a company’s technology and resources against them, so joining a company like NextRoll and partnering with Toby over the last 18 months on our two growth opportunities was very appealing to me. I’m humbled and excited to take the baton from him after his successful three-year tenure of transformation,” said Robin Bordoli, CEO of NextRoll. “There’s a big shift in behaviors happening in B2B and D2C – marketing and sales teams spend more time researching online than engaging with a vendor, and D2C brands spend more time trying to find their audience than building relationships with them. RollWorks’s platform addresses this B2B challenge by using machine learning and data to help these teams find and engage the buying committees in the accounts that matter most to their business. Using the same technology, AdRoll addresses the D2C market by helping e-commerce brands identify and engage the consumers that matter most to their business. Both are exciting opportunities for NextRoll and I look forward to leading us through what’s next.”

“Both RollWorks and AdRoll are well-positioned to continue to grow in their respective markets, and no leader is better suited to take the reins than Robin Bordoli, after Toby’s successful tenure,” said Sean Dempsey, Co-founder and Managing Director of Merus Capital and NextRoll board member. “He has a wealth of experience across Martech and SaaS and machine learning – areas that are critical to the success of the company in its next stage of growth – and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board as CEO.”

To get started with RollWorks’s account-based marketing platform, visit, and to sign up for a free trial of AdRoll’s growth marketing platform visit For more on NextRoll and the company’s culture and open positions, visit

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