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Martech Company RTB House Named Fastest Growing Company in Europe

The company has placed 58th in the tech sector of the prestigious ranking
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RTB House merges the development of innovative products with its rapid growth as a global company delivering state-of-the-art marketing solutions to brands and agencies. For the fourth time in a row, it has been awarded a spot on the Financial Times list of the Fastest Growing Companies in Europe. The company has placed 58th in the tech sector of the prestigious ranking.

The rating is co-created by the Financial Times and Statista, who conducted months of diligent research and directly contacted tens of thousands of companies. The final result is a shortlist of 1,000 outstanding companies in Europe that have achieved the largest revenue growth between 2016 and 2019.

RTB House reached revenue growth of 810%, which amounted to 169,46M EUR (203.8M USD) in 2019. Between 2016 and 2019, the number of employees grew from 184 to 575.

“As a company, we aim to deliver the best and most innovative solutions to marketers across the globe. Achieving that means constantly striving for improvement. That is something our team does every day and it is mainly thanks to them that we were able to achieve the results that give us a spot on the FT1000 list,” said Daniel Surmacz, COO at RTB House. “Also, thanks to their engagement, we were able to introduce AI Full-Funnel Marketing Solutions and products dedicated to branding campaigns, all of which are based on our Deep Learning algorithms. We believe that broadening our services will allow us to maintain our high level of growth well into the future.“

The Deep Learning algorithms, which are universally deployed by RTB House throughout its campaigns, are a unique solution which has changed the AdTech industry. After years of research in the field of AI, RTB House then sought to disrupt marketing further by introducing AI Full-Funnel Marketing Solutions. It enables sealing the sales funnel, by recognizing in real-time what stage of the funnel a user is at, and then taking this context into account to decide which ad should be shown to a user. Thanks to its revolutionary approach, RTB House can now deliver outstanding results both for retargeting and branding campaigns.

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