Martech Interview with Catherine Quiambao, Head of Marketing at Eaton Square

The MarTech industry is witnessing rapid growth. In this interview,  Catherine Quiambao ( Head of Marketing at Eaton Square) talks about top priorities, customer preferences, core web vitals, and much more!

MarTech will boost both your sales and marketing performance. But, you have to invest in the right set of tools.

1. Could you tell us more about your role at Eaton Square?
I currently lead the marketing at Eaton Square. I’m responsible for brand building initiatives, content, email campaigns, lead generation and other online marketing initiatives. Apart from my marketing role, I also manage our expansion efforts in North America and Europe.

2. How can marketing tech help with the changing customer preferences?

Using MarTech can provide you with analytics about your user behavior online. There are tools that can help you get a glimpse of their preferences.

For instance, tools like Google Optimize enables you to run multiple A/B tests on your landing pages to see which version gets better conversions. Another example would be online forms that allow you to collect customer preferences or zero-party data. The data collected here can be used to build long-term relationships with your customers. However, it would still be best to use these tools in tandem with actual customer research.

3. What should be the top priorities in MarTech budgets for this year?
In 2022, companies should invest in customer research, revamping their data collection so it’s first party/zero party and optimizing their websites. The focus should not be to invest in a whole slew of MarTech but a select few that are privacy oriented and customer focused.

4. Do you believe AI will play a key role in assessing marketing performance in the future?
AI can definitely play a role in data analytics and automation. However, at this point I don’t think we can rely on AI alone. Understanding your customers behaviors or motives can only be achieved through relationship building. AI can’t replace that human connection.

5. Should brands outsource to expand their marketing capabilities or do it all in-house?
In an ideal setting, it would be great to have everything done in-house. But with limited resources, I’d suggest outsourcing other marketing tasks as long as you find the right partner who understands your brand and customers.

6. Why should MarTech leaders care about Core Web Vitals, and how should we optimize these metrics?
For context, Core Web Vitals are part of Google’s Page Experience update that rolled out in June 2021. This new set of metrics aim to measure a user’s experience when browsing your site, specifically it’s load time (LCP), responsiveness (FID), and stability (CLS). It’s no longer enough to simply publish quality content. MarTech leaders should focus on providing optimal experience for the user. While content will always sit on top of ranking factors, page experience matters now more than ever. Optimizing your website’s Core Web Vitals will not only please Google but more importantly deliver a better experience for your user.

The best place to get started is to audit your plugins, clean up and retain only the plugins and third party scripts that are critical for your website. For instance, if you’re running an A/B test or a heatmap tool, only place it on the page where you’re running the test and not the entire site. More importantly, make sure to remove the plugin once you’re done with the test. It would be ideal to find a website optimization agency that can help you audit, optimize and maintain your site.

7. As the marketing landscape has become increasingly complex, do you think brands are placing a great emphasis on marketing tech now?
Absolutely. With over 8,000+ MarTech companies right now, I think the challenge for brands is how to invest only in a stack or platform that they know they will use and will benefit their business. For MarTech vendors, the key challenge is how to stand out by delivering a unique solution to their customers.

8. As a co-host of a marketing podcast, what’s your favorite bit?
I love running the No Hacks Marketing podcast with my co-host. It’s been almost a year now and we just published our 50th episode! It’s challenging to put out content weekly but I like the constant push to be on top of marketing updates and finding a topic that would be valuable to our listeners. What I enjoy the most is meeting amazing guests from around the world who have very interesting backgrounds and have a unique perspective in marketing.

9. How often should marketers be performing content audits?
If you have a content team in place, once a quarter is ideal. But if you’re a one woman show, at least do it once a year. Why this matters is because most marketers are drawn to creating content frequently which is also good. But if you have high performing posts, updating it can drive even more traffic and engagement than freshly created content. I’m going to guess that if you look at your blog right now, there are outdated posts with dates like 2021, 2020 or older or some that are simply no longer relevant. Find time to audit, clean up and update your old posts.

10. You’re from the Philippines- what do you love the most about the country?
Definitely our beaches! We have the best, pristine beaches here which isn’t a surprise since we’re made up of 7600+ islands. I know I’m kinda biased but the beach plus almost a year long tropical weather, what could go wrong? 🙂

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Catherine Quiambao is the Head of Marketing at Eaton Square. She co-hosts No Hacks Marketing, a weekly marketing podcast.

Eaton Square is a cross-border M&A and capital service provider with over 100 senior professionals across US, Canada, China & Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia.

We assist growth-oriented, technology and services businesses to:

- Capitalise on the value they have built in their business for shareholders
- Undertake mergers and acquisitions
- Access the equity and debt capital they need to grow and expand

Our core focus on M&A and capital services:

- In Services: IT Services, Management Consulting and Financial Services, Engineering Services, Health, Oil and Gas and Mining services
- In IT Technology: AI Big Data, Fintech, Social Media, Data Analytics, Information Security
- In Life Sciences Technology: Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, nutraceuticals
- In Growth: Advanced Manufacturing, Health Medical Devices, Aged Care and areas relevant to our clients

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