MarTech Interview with Madelyn Wing, Head of Partner Marketing, CallRail

MarTech Interview

Join us as Madelyn Wing, Head of Partner Marketing at CallRail, discusses go-to-market planning, partnership launch plans, and more in this interview.

Companies often struggle to effectively market and grow their businesses, especially in an increasingly competitive landscape. This can result in missed opportunities for growth and revenue, as well as a lack of understanding of what strategies and tactics will be most effective.

That’s where CallRail comes in. As a leading provider of call tracking and analytics solutions, CallRail helps businesses of all sizes to better understand their customers and optimize their marketing campaigns.

Introducing Madelyn Wing, Head of Partner Marketing at CallRail. With a wealth of experience in marketing and partnerships, Madelyn is uniquely qualified to help businesses maximize their growth potential and drive success. In this interview, we’ll dive into Madelyn’s insights and strategies for effective partner marketing, as well as explore the latest trends and best practices in the industry.
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Can you give us a brief idea of your career before CallRail?
Prior to CallRail, I worked for an IT Management Software company called ConnectWise. I was very focused on customer events and advisory panels, primarily for our managed service provider (MSP) partners. Although MSPs and digital marketing agencies are very different markets, there is a lot of overlap there in how they manage and service their clients with technology.

Can you tell us about your role as the Head of Partner Marketing in CallRail?
I have been at CallRail for 7 years now – time flies! I actually started out as a Customer Success Manager at CallRail prior to transitioning as our first product marketing hire. From there, I went on to build out that entire team and function, all of which I’m really proud of. I have since launched CallRail’s Agency Partner Program, which is 2000 agencies strong, and now own all of our channel programs including the relationships with our integration and technology partners.

With your extensive marketing experience, how do you describe the importance of call tracking?
Call tracking makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to market with confidence. When businesses track and attribute every call to the individual lead’s marketing journey, they are able to use real-time insights into what’s working to generate great leads to optimize their marketing spend.

Which industries do you mainly cater to?
We service lots of different industries and sectors. However, our products have proven to be particularly valuable to small-to-midsize companies in the agency, legal and home service industries.

What are the tech solutions that Call Rail offers?
CallRail has grown its award-winning platform from G2 top-rated inbound call tracking software to include form tracking, conversation intelligence, and business communications products. Fitting seamlessly into existing workflows, CallRail integrates with leading marketing and sales software including HubSpot, Facebook, Salesforce, and Google Ads and Analytics.

Can you describe the features of Lead Center?
Lead Center is a unified communications system that helps businesses centralize all calls, texts, chats, and form submissions in a shared inbox. Teams are able to ensure that no leads slip through the cracks and have insight into the marketing source that drove a lead to contact the business. This helps them shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates. Currently, Lead Center is available to CallRail’s Call Tracking customers.

What do you love the most about the culture at CallRail?
At CallRail, one of our core values is “Minding the Business” meaning each and every one of our team members takes pride in playing an active role in ensuring CallRail is operating efficiently. Everyone I work with is incredibly smart and motivated, but still respectful of that all-too-important work-life balance.

In the digital age, what traits must every marketer have?
Curiosity and the ability to evolve are paramount. Our world and technology are ever changing. Take the agency industry, for example. According to data conducted by CallRail, 82% of agencies surveyed said that they adopted new tools and/or technology to track campaign metrics and demonstrate ROI in 2022, and these agencies reported, on average, 17% higher revenue growth than those that did not add new tools or tech. It’s key that marketers stay up to date, or they will get left behind.

Would you like to share some thoughts with industry leaders on present market scenarios?
In the research performed by CallRail, 22% of respondents said that they are dissatisfied with their agency’s current tech stack — and this group was 100% more likely than average to say their agency did not meet 2022 revenue goals.

Given current market conditions, marketing leaders will need to prepare their organizations to manage expectations and recalibrate goals for the economic downturn. To do that, they will have to help lead the charge for amping up digital transformation efforts. There are still so many businesses that haven’t put effort into their websites – agencies should encourage them to keep this on the forefront and focus energy on upleveling to help weather the storm.

What movie or book has recently inspired you?
My favorite film I’ve seen in the last year was “King Richard”. It really drove home the fact to me that we’re all born with immense potential and talent, but it’s about taking the time and dedication to really bring those talents to life. Nothing can beat patience, grit, and hard work!

What are your plans for expansion and growth? How do you see the company and the industry in the upcoming years?
It’s more important than ever before for agencies to meet clients where they’re at and prove ROI. In fact, 94% of respondents say that in the next year recession concerns will make clients more hesitant to invest in new campaigns without proven ROI. CallRail provides customers with the tools to effectively do that.

Which motivational quote drives you to achieve more at work?
“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” — Chris Grosser

Where do your passions lie? What qualities do you believe define you as a person?

I’m extremely passionate about continuing to move the needle forward for small business owners. Starting a small business is probably one of the hardest things anybody can do, and a lot of these folks are what I would call “accidental entrepreneurs” meaning they went into business so they could do a thing they love every day not because they’re passionate about business itself. I’m also passionate about doing this in conjunction with other teams, which is why I was so excited to start the Partnerships team here at CallRail. Outstanding partnerships, whether with small businesses, agencies, or other technology vendors are all about giving and dependability. Two words I hope me and my team are always known for!

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Madelyn Wing, Head of Partner Marketing, CallRail

With a diverse background in customer and product marketing, partnerships, and program management, Madelyn is passionate about helping buyers discover innovative technology products through collaborative problem-solving. Her specialties include go-to-market planning, creating and managing product and partnership launch plans, preparing sales and partners with market-facing messaging, researching the competitive landscape, documenting customer use cases and feedback, optimizing conversions with marketing campaigns, and leading collaboration with partners and cross-functional teams. With Madelyn's extensive experience and skills, she plays a crucial role in helping CallRail drive success and growth for businesses of all sizes. LinkedIn.
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