MarTech Interview with Yashu Kapila, Chief Executive Officer of BugRaptors

MarTech Interview

Discover the secrets to successful martech strategies with Yashu Kapila, CEO of BugRaptors. Check out our interview for expert advice.

BugRaptors is a prominent name in the field of software testing, quality assurance, and consulting services. As the CEO of BugRaptors, Yashu Kapila has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success. With her extensive experience in the industry, Yashu Kapila has been able to provide valuable insights and leadership to the team. In this interview, we will be discussing with Yashu Kapila her journey, the challenges she faced, and the strategies that helped her lead the company toward success.

Below are the interview highlights:

Kindly brief us about yourself and your journey as the CEO of BugRaptors.
My name is Yashu Kapila. I am a mother to two and presently serving as the CEO of BugRaptors. My journey to becoming the CEO was all about learning and experiences where I got to explore all the depths and heights of quality assurance and software testing.

It all started with me stepping in for the position of Quality Consultant. Gradually, I worked across different positions and gained all the exposure, learnings, and vision to harness the power that Quality Assurance held for the digital future, progressing toward BugRaptors in 2016.

Please share your source of inspiration for venturing into the IT services and consulting industry.
When I started my journey, it was the time when the world was progressing towards digitalization. Though we were ahead of the initial age of the internet, the world was still familiarizing with technology. However, I got my inspiration from myself as I looked at the ever-changing tech landscape and found that creating a stable digital environment would require the world to harness quality assurance and software testing to its greatest potential.

Brief our audience about BugRaptors and how is the organization providing superior software testing solutions worldwide.
BugRaptors as a quality assurance company has touched so many benchmarks of global success. Be it becoming the top-quality assurance company in India, the United States, or the world, we’ve been recognized by the top listing platforms like Clutch, Selected Firms, Design Rush, Good Firms, and many more.

We are presently a team of 250+ ISTQB-certified and experienced testers who are capable of managing the QA and software testing needs of more than 10 industry verticals. Be it banking or finance, edtech, telecommunication, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy & utilities, real estate, or the government sector, we hold all the potential to meet any quality or compliance goals.

Besides, we have our geographical footprints established in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, which allows us to align well with the needs of the clients and deliver more appropriately.

Can you share with us your two decades of experience and how has it helped you to push organizations to enable quality solutions?
The exposure that I had to quality assurance and software testing allowed me to develop my interest in the advancements that were made in the QA domain and how they were transforming the world of technology.

I gave two years of life to manual testing and then I made a dive to explore the automation testing where I added test automation strategy development, performance testing, API testing, automated test data generation, test environment setup, test script migration, and much more.

Besides, when I progressed on my journey to a higher designation, I explored my interest in managing key relationships with clients and enrolled in international projects. I harnessed my knack for networking and therefore partnered with many teams in choosing the right testing tools and creating effective test plans.

I believe, everything that you learn at work, be it failures, success, late-night work, or tight deadline deliveries all makes you grow and gather all the experience that you need to succeed. Though I am still learning, I always aim to learn more to widen my perspective as a CEO and therefore create a brand that is known to be synonymous with quality assurance.

What is your opinion on integrating technological advancements like AI and ML with software testing solutions?
The tech world is no less than an ocean that is immeasurable when it comes to innovation. However, I always encourage any technological advancement that could help make this world a better place. Over the years, the quality assurance and quality engineering teams are rapidly integrating AI and ML technologies to software testing solutions, and therefore we have welcomed the same at BugRaptors with full enthusiasm to transform the QA initiatives.

As you proactively leverage next-gen technology, can you tell our audience about the emerging trends of the new generation and how do you plan to fulfill the ever-evolving needs of the software industry?
The future of the digital world is all enclosed with technologies like Automation, AI, ML, and all the best practices and initiatives that could shape a better world. As far as the emerging trends of the new generation are concerned, I believe we are already going through the transition where automation, agile best practices, AI, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), etc. are being leveraged to create sustainable, scalable, and reliable software technology.

As far as is concerned quality assurance is, we at BugRaptors are already on our way to progressive testing making the most of automation testing technologies, AI, Agile, Low-code & No code development, and shift left approach, etc. These practices and initiatives have not only complemented our business operations but enabled our clients to fetch the scalability, sustainability, and progress they need at a faster pace.

Being the CEO of BugRaptors, what was the biggest challenge you faced, and what were the lessons you learned from it?
As a person, I have a very positive approach toward life and when it comes to challenges, I just always see them as opportunities to grow my perspective. If I need to mention any of the challenges that I encountered at BugRaptors, I would like to talk about:

  • The initial struggle of establishing the right team, and gathering the right people with the right mindset and attitude.
  • Besides, it was the challenge of sustainability and business resilience during the pandemic that become a reason for concern.

Apart from this, I personally think that being a top-level executive brings you so many unique challenges in your routine. Sometimes, these are related to operations, while other times, they are related to people, management, culture, etc. And talking about the lessons that I have learned through all such challenges, I would say:

  • Always be willing to change. One has to be always adaptive.  
  • Your people are your strength. Collaborate well! 
  • When you need to thrive, embrace the differences in mindsets 
  • Most importantly, keep it easy! Life is not always what you expect it to be. You just need to keep doing the right thing.

How do you envision scaling both–BugRaptors’ and your growth curve in the year 2023?
I think I would like to put in a set of actions and tasks that I am looking forward to pursuing in 2023 along with the other members of the board. These include:

  • To practice and exercise work-life balance 
  • To harness the power of unity 
  • To evolve as an Individual as well as a team, and engage for a better experience
  • To focus on holistic wellness 

Being an established leader, what would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs and leaders aspiring to venture into the IT services and consulting industry?
I think starting with anything new requires huge motivation. But more than any sort of motivation, it is the understanding of the process that defines success or loss. Here are a few things that could help you as a budding entrepreneur or leader to yield the desired output with any of your IT-related ventures:

  • Make sure you understand your niche 
  • Have a fool-proof business plan  
  • Use the power of the right network 
  • Keep your finances in check.

Can you share with our audience your new year resolution for the year 2023 and how do you plan to work it out?
I don’t believe in resolutions but I do believe in defining short-term and long-term milestones in your life. Such an approach keeps you going and even if you are not able to align with your resolution, you always end up at something good with the efforts you make. So the only way I work it out is just going with the flow, accepting reality, and striving to make the best with everything I do.

Yashu Kapila, Chief Executive Officer of BugRaptors

Identifying herself as a first-generation entrepreneur, Yashu Kapila is a visionary leader with her very own beliefs and aspirations. She is the CEO of BugRaptors, a quality assurance brand from India, and holds all the expertise to seek out opportunities by going above and beyond. When not defining the path to greater goals for her brand, you’ll find her reading, gardening, or spending time with family. LinkedIn.
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