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Martech Platform 6sense Launches Enhanced Account-Based Reporting

Next-generation metrics operationalize 6sense Qualified Accounts (6QAs), provide insights on account progression through the funnel, and ensure marketers can proactively optimize campaigns
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6sense, the leading Account Engagement Platform, today announced the release of Sales Dashboards that enable sales and marketing teams to align on the best time to engage 6sense Qualified Accounts (6QAs). 6sense also released Segment Performance reporting, which helps teams measure the effectiveness of campaigns and activities driving account engagement, and Campaign Performance Indicators that enable marketers to proactively optimize campaigns.

Qualified leads are a notoriously contentious topic amongst sales and marketing teams. The 6QA ends debates about lead quality by unifying revenue teams on when in-market accounts are ready to convert to an opportunity. 6sense’s patented approach to AI-powered predictions determines each account’s current buying stage, which aligns teams on the ideal time for sales and marketing actions to increase account engagement. On average, organizations that adopt the 6QA generate 40% more pipeline, 40% higher win rates, and 3.5x larger deal sizes.

“6QAs have transformed the way our sales and marketing teams work together to generate pipeline and revenue,” said Rauli Garcia, VP of Strategic Marketing at Sage Intacct. “6sense tells us which accounts are in-market for solutions like ours, where they are on the buying journey, which contacts are part of the buying team, and which topics they care most about, all of which enables us to drive meaningful engagement at scale. As a result of our shift from MQLs to 6QAs, we’ve generated a 48% increase in opportunity volume with 6sense.”

6sense’s new Segment Performance capabilities build on the platform’s predictive and engagement insights by providing comprehensive analysis of account progression through the funnel. Unlike traditional sales and marketing metrics, Segment Performance highlights both the sales and marketing campaigns and activities that influence accounts’ progression through buying stages over time — and also the pipeline and revenue influence of campaigns. Additionally, 6sense’s Campaign Performance Indicators help maximize account engagement throughout the funnel by notifying marketers if advertising campaigns are underperforming, which enables teams to proactively optimize creative elements or campaign settings.

“With more and more companies digitizing, and account engagement as the new benchmark, sales and marketing teams require different metrics to gauge account-based program success,” said Viral Bajaria, CTO and Co-founder of 6sense. “We’ve doubled down on our aggressive product roadmap this year to deliver next-generation reporting that gives teams a holistic view of program health — which helps customers achieve an even greater ROI.”

Sales Dashboards, Segment Performance reporting, and Campaign Performance Indicators are now generally available to all 6sense customers. To learn more, visit

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