MATTIO Communications Launches Influencer Marketing Firm

Victoria Baek, former head of influencer marketing at MATTIO, will lead the new agency as CEO
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MATTIO Communications, one of the longest-running and the largest cannabis marketing services firm, announced today that it has launched a full service influencer marketing agency, Confluence Agency. In addition to supporting cannabis clients, this subsidiary will also focus on sectors including fashion, beauty, food, home, tech, lifestyle and travel as influencer marketing becomes an integral aspect of building brand value across all industries.

Over the past ten years, influencer marketing has become a preferred strategy for brands to engage with target audiences. Increased social media usage throughout 2020 further enabled companies to drive sales and brand awareness through curated content generated by micro and macro influencers. According to Insider Intelligence, the value of the influencer marketing industry is projected to reach $15 billion by 2022 as more brands invest in building authentic long-term consumer relationships.

“Since our inception, MATTIO has developed strategic solutions that exceed our clients’ business goals,” said Rosie Mattio, Founder and CEO of MATTIO. “We’ve seen firsthand how influencer marketing drives growth among our own cannabis clients and is the future of brand marketing. Launching an agency dedicated to executing best-in-class influencer campaigns aligns with our core mission of providing novel and effective media services to high-growth industries.”

Victoria Baek, who was head of influencer marketing at MATTIO, will lead Confluence Agency as CEO. Baek has worked with legacy consumer brands including Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Disney and Forever 21. Prior to working at MATTIO, Baek was head of influencer marketing and brand partnerships at HARMAN International where she spearheaded the JBL Master Class series, a monthly program featuring electronic producers and hip-hop artists that not only brought the HARMAN portfolio to millions of new deal but also generated new brand deals.

“The influencer industry has evolved from one-off transactions to valuable, long-term partnerships. Online communities allow brands to connect authentically with audiences in a way that drives measured performance,” said Victoria Baek, CEO of Confluence Agency. “We’re so excited to launch this new agency to help brands understand emerging channels and leverage these relationships to strengthen overall brand loyalty and improve conversion.”

Confluence Agency manages influencer marketing strategies for brands from start to end. From identifying celebrity and/or niche influencers to creating content guidelines to handling the logistics of gifting programs, the Confluence team takes a goal-oriented approach to every campaign in order to track progress. For more information on Confluence’s full range of services, please visit

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