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Media & Marketing Company ENGINE Launches Customer Intelligence

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ENGINE, a global, full-service media and marketing services company, today launched Audience Intelligence, a platform that offers rich first-party data and integrations for advertisers to develop audience targets, plan media across channels, and take action.

“Drawing upon ENGINE’s full-service marketing expertise, Audience Intelligence was built with ease of use for agencies and brands top of mind,” said Andy Davidson, who leads data strategy and analytics for ENGINE Insights, the research and analytics division of ENGINE. “The platform is both easy to use and incredibly powerful. With just a few simple clicks, media buyers create customized audience profiles, visualize behaviors across media channels, plan targeted campaigns, and activate programmatic advertising.”

ENGINE Audience Intelligence leverages consumer media behaviors across linear TV, CTV (Connected TV), print, radio, digital, social, and podcasts, including content preferences, day parts, digital habits, demographics, and psychographics. Additional integrations with rich first-party data sources enable users to view data through the lens of over 5,000 target segments — from Auto Intenders to New Home Buyers to Environmental Enthusiasts to ENGINE’s portfolio of precision audiences launched last year (ENGINE Audiences). Advertisers can also activate campaigns against these targets by accessing the platform’s integration with ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX).

ENGINE Audience Intelligence provides comprehensive insight into the demographic makeup of customers and prospects, including what they are watching, reading, listening to, and what they value and find interest in. The interactive platform is based on a combination of inputs, including a 25,000-person survey of a nationally representative slice of the US population, passively collected digital click stream data providing insight to interests, sentiments, and behaviors, passively aggregated purchase data that provides intelligence on what people are buying at point of sale, and direct integrations between these sources and ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX).

“We uniquely understand the programmatic ecosystem’s needs since we own and operate a leading SSP. Audience Intelligence is designed to meet the real time needs of clients’ omnichannel media plans,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO of ENGINE Media Exchange. “Advertisers can quickly and easily assemble campaign targeting strategies, reach customers and prospects, measure the results, and optimize their entire plan in real time in both biddable programmatic and traditional media channels.”

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