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MediaVax, an artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in tracking harmful information online, was featured in a report by global research and advisory firm Forrester titled “Funding Truth In The Misinformation Age.”

Authored by Principal Analyst Kelsey Chickering, the report explains how brands are inadvertently funding mis/disinformation with programmatic ad buys. As a result, the digital advertising (AdTech) ecosystem is contributing to the spread of dangerous false narratives on topics like the Russian invasion of Ukraine and COVID-19 across the open web and social media platforms.

MediaVax utilizes AI and human expertise to discover and monitor harmful online narratives at scale. In its report and related blog post, Forrester highlights the innovative online safety products offered by MediaVax.

“Global online platforms enable bad actors spreading disinformation to cause unimaginable damage. Bad actors have become so sophisticated that by the time they’re exposed, it’s too late to reverse the harmful impact,” says Founder and CEO of MediaVax, Barbara Buchanan. “MediaVax arms brands, AdTech providers, and media platforms with the intelligence to implement safety measures that effectively prevent bad actors from capitalizing on ad buys while putting the truth and advertiser reputations at risk.”

In the programmatic media process, which uses data insights and algorithms to serve ads to target consumers, brands don’t choose—or know—where their ads appear or what content is adjacent. The mis/disinformation industry exploits this to spread and substantiate their content, and the brands are held accountable for the misguided ad buy.

“When it comes to protecting brands and consumers from the effects of harmful online content, MediaVax applies an effective AI-driven solution to a complex problem,” says Buchanan, “And in doing so, safeguards and supports access to the truth.”

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