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MERGE Launches Marketo Reporting Dashboards

Marketo reporting dashboards, developed by MERGE’s BI experts, aim to empower marketing operations teams with actionable data on campaign and database performance.

MERGE released its Marketo reporting dashboards, consisting of visual summaries of marketing campaigns with drill-downs and trend graphs built into the Domo data experience platform. With 13 years of experience working in 2,000+ Marketo instances for global enterprises, MERGE empowers marketing operations teams through comprehensive reporting and data visualizations.

Organizations with advanced analytics capabilities are 2x more likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance within their industries – yet proving impact is a historical pain point for marketing operations teams.

Through direct exposure to the pain points experienced by enterprise marketing operations teams, MERGE established what features teams need in their reporting tool – ranging from data visualizations and trend graphs to alerting features and historical data. Paired with an understanding of the key metrics teams look at in assessing campaign performance and success, MERGE used these insights as inspiration in developing a suite of reporting dashboards.

Built by MERGE’s business intelligence experts and Marketo solutions architects, this subscription-based model gives users access to three dashboards – email performance, MQLs, and database health. Each dashboard is pre-tested, quality-assured, and designed to provide a cost-efficient solution for marketing operations leaders.

MERGE’s dashboards break down reporting silos by democratizing data. Users are also able to monitor database health and campaign performance through email alerts when customizable thresholds are met, empowering teams to continuously optimize campaigns for optimal performance.

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