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MessageGears selected by Havas Helia as their preferred Email and Direct Marketing Provider

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Havas Helia, the digital agency that provides CRM strategies and their implementation, data-fueled performance marketing campaigns, loyalty program management, and marketing technology consulting for several well-renowned brands in the world has announced that it has selected MessageGears as its preferred service provider for email and direct marketing. MessageGears is the only platform built exclusively keeping in mind the nature of today’s enterprises.

One of the key elements of the martech managed service of Havas Helia is the promotion of the MessageGears platform across its entire customer base which will result in the provision of competitive costs, efficiency in operations, and economies of security-scale that will prove to be beneficial to the clients.

Through this alliance, Havas Helia is changing the way the client-agency relationships are built and performed in terms of martech. It is also changing the way the martech stack is built by the clients to make it more like adtech. In adtech the agency manages and optimizes the third-party tools for the clients. Now, when the agency will support and handle both adtech and martech, the data of the client can be stored more efficiently and seamlessly and will be unified for the customers’ end. This whole process will optimize customer interactions.

Michael Kaushansky, the President of Havas Helia U.S stated that the company has partnered with the best out of all products after identifying it and is confident that MessageGears will support its customers to result in the highest performance.

MessageGears has clients like Rakuten Rewards, Chick-fil-A, and Expedia and has removed data frictions for brands with high customer volume showing more flexibility and relevance than traditional email service providers and marketing clouds.

This partnership is the first for MessageGears where the agency has certified resources on the platform. To know more about such partnerships and solutions from the martech sector, follow the martech cube. The martech cube publishes regular content relevant to the martech industry from all over the world.

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