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Messangi Updates Services – Is Now Whatsapp Business Sol Provider


Earlier this month, Miami-based digital customer engagement platform Messangi announced it is going to complement its SMS-based A2P messaging with WhatsApp as an alternate channel. The company, which had been focused on SMS as its primary communication channel for customers since 2001, initiated this change to reflect industry-wide changes in user behavior.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen WhatsApp establish itself as the dominant communication method in many global regions,” said Messangi CEO Santiago Rojas. “As an organization that specializes in leveraging the latest technologies to streamline A2P communication, making this switch was required to continue providing our customers with the best service possible.”

WhatsApp’s reach is significant. The internet-based messaging application is currently used in 180 countries by over 2 billion people. People in the United StatesLatin America, and across the globe rely on the platform to stay connected with friends and family, as well as banks, wireless carriers, and other key businesses.

The WhatsApp Business Platform enables companies to take advantage of this widespread international usage and make secure, private connections with verified company profiles. These interactive, two-way conversations improve brand awareness and make it easier for companies to scale. The business platform also includes features for tracking engagement, like read receipts, as well as the ability to initiate conversations via website links and QR codes.

“By becoming a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we now offer an even more accessible way for our clients to interact and engage with their most relevant customers,” said Santiago Rojas. “Compared to SMS, the application’s enhanced security and privacy features allow us to do this while protecting sensitive data.

WhatsApp is one of the biggest players in global communications. With this decision to become a WhatsApp BSP, Messangi is positioning its clients to better take advantage of this, but the company will continue offering services via SMS and email. “From day 1, our goal has been to connect companies with customers in the most effective, engaging way possible.”

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