Mexican Manufacturers Meet Buyers at EVOLATAM Tradeshow


In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide and is estimated to reach about 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. (source Statista). Most projections indicate that a large percentage of those sales are from small to medium-sized businesses. However, there is a growing Mexican Manufacturers Meet Buyers at EVOLATAM Tradeshowconcern about the reliance on sourcing from China to facilitate those sales.

“10 years ago, almost all focus for sourcing products was on China,” says Norm Farrar, an eCommerce and branding expert based in Canada. “And while there has been increasing interest in sourcing from alternative destinations for many years leading up to 2020, the demand was heavily accelerated by the global supply chain disruptions caused during Covid. For many e-commerce businesses, the lack of alternative sourcing locations caused serious turmoil in a time when their skyrocketing sales caused rapid inventory shortages.”

The largest demand for alternative sourcing destinations for eCommerce brands has been the US and Latin America, with a special emphasis on Mexico. Amy Wees, an eCommerce consultant and marketing firm owner who has hosted sourcing trips to China for years, notes; “Due to increased prices in raw materials and significant delays in shipping, coupled with increased customer demand for products NOT made in China, brands in the US eCommerce marketplaces want to source from the Americas. Despite the ‘one-stop shopping’ of China, my clients and their customers are desperate for alternatives, which is what led us to put together this trip and tradeshow.”

Tim Jordan, an eCommerce branding and sourcing consultant based in the USA has experience in Latin America and is excited about the opportunity to bring new buyers to the region. “I have been sourcing products for multiple brands for many years in Latin America.  Despite the steep learning curve and challenges, I believe that building the relationships and gaining the education on how to successfully create meaningful supply-chain options in Mexico has massively impacted my business in immeasurable ways. And that is why producing the EVOLATAM tradeshow and conference was so important for our vision of educating, connecting, and empowering.”

The EVOLATAM tradeshow and conference in Mexico City on June 8th is the first-ever tradeshow and conference designed specifically to help manufacturers and buyers meet and connect in a way that includes education, networking opportunities, and an emphasis on developing meaningful relationships. The conference, held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, will feature manufacturers, services, and sourcing providers based in Latin America, along with global providers of sourcing, education, and expertise for small to medium-sized businesses.

The tradeshow floor will feature free educational sessions in Spanish and English, covering topics from manufacturing best practices, to cultural impacts on sourcing in Latin America, as well as the latest updates on e-commerce. Additionally, the producers have partnered with industry experts to offer a free, full-day workshop on June 7th for manufacturers and suppliers in Latin America, highlighting the methods and practices for selling to the new wave of global buyers: eCommerce brands.

The tradeshow will conclude on the evening of June 8th with “Ecommerce Connect”, a networking event estimating an attendance of 500 people. This event is catered specifically toward the massive ranks of online sellers located in Latin America and will connect sellers from both sides of the border. “We wanted to create an event that helped foster valuable relationships for vendors, eCommerce experts, brand owners, and the rest of the community that helps increase the ability for everyone to succeed,” says Susan Cegerra, a tradeshow and event producer with over 20 years experience creating tradeshows and conferences primarily in Mexico and the USA. “By using the vast experience of all of our leaders, producers, and educators, we are excited to help foster growth for everyone.”

While this ambitious project is made possible by dozens of educators, industry experts, and community leaders in the USA and Mexico, the primary vision and production are led by Tim JordanNorm Farrar, and Amy Wees. With dozens of years of combined experience in sourcing worldwide (including in Latin America) and creating their own brands and educational experiences, they bring a level of credibility, expertise, and a true passion for creating mutually-beneficial relationships through events that offer incredible value for the attendees, the exhibitors, the experts, and the sponsors of the EVOLATAM series.

And when it comes to producing a first-ever event, that expertise, experience, and passion is not replaceable.

The EVOLATAM Tradeshow is free for registered attendees, and the Vendor Workshop on June 7th is free to Latin-American based vendors. The Ecommerce Connect gala and networking event is available for $20 and is limited to 500 attendees.

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