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MHTC Wins Calix Innovations “Giant of Marketing” Award

By leveraging the full power of the Calix Revenue EDGE platform, the Wisconsin-based service provider increased managed services revenue by 700 percent and their Net Promoter by 20 percent in a year by deploying an omnichannel marketing campaign with the help of Calix Marketing Cloud and the Calix Market Activation Program
Calix, Inc.

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) recognizes MHTC as a “Giant of Marketing” and a 2022 Calix Innovations Award winner. Announced at Calix ConneXions 2022, the award honors MHTC for successfully differentiating in highly competitive markets with a data-driven, subscriber-centric approach to marketing. The southwestern Wisconsin-based broadband service provider (BSP) built their managed Wi-Fi offering on the Calix Revenue EDGE™ platform to excite suburban subscribers, including work-from-homers and technology innovators. The full power of the Revenue EDGE platform—including Calix CommandIQ®, Revenue EDGE managed services, and Calix Cloud®—enables MHTC to easily meet subscribers’ unique needs. Last year, the BSP launched a personalized MHTC-branded mobile app (built on CommandIQ) to give subscribers more control of their home Wi-Fi experiences. MHTC leveraged Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud) and the Calix Market Activation Program to execute an omnichannel marketing campaign focused on accelerating app adoption. With more subscribers on the app, MHTC leveraged this direct line of communications with subscribers to successfully launch managed services—ExperienceIQ® advanced parental controls and ProtectIQ® home network security. The response was phenomenal. In the past year, MHTC increased its average revenue per user (ARPU) by 6 percent and its revenue from managed services by 700 percent. Their Net Promoter Score (NPS) also increased by 20 percent to a stunning +90—three times the telecommunications industry average.

Their successful omnichannel marketing campaign helped MHTC meet the needs of their subscribers and increase revenue by:

  • Increasing mobile app adoption by 276 percent in Q4 2021. The MHTC marketing team saw remarkable results from their omnichannel campaign during Q4 2021. Their marketing campaign, complete with weekly prizes, ran across email, social media, and mobile notifications. The campaign went viral on social media thanks to subscribers sharing their app use and the prizes they won—further increasing MHTC’s visibility and contributing to their growing NPS.
  • Driving higher subscriber engagement with email open rates of up to 50 percent. Thanks to the Marketing Cloud integration with Mailchimp, MHTC built a high-performing email marketing channel. Marketing Cloud enabled MHTC to tailor email messaging to better reach their target subscribers, further increasing marketing effectiveness. MHTC achieved high conversions with open rates of 40-50 percent compared to an industry average of 21 percent.
  • Growing the number of subscribers using new managed services by more than 300 percent each. With a stronger line of communication to subscribers through their app and higher email open rates, MHTC successfully launched and grew the usage of their new managed services. By understanding their subscribers better, they could more easily tailor their Wi-Fi offerings to create exceptional experiences. As a result, since January 2022, the BSP increased the number of subscribers using ProtectIQ by 465 percent and ExperienceIQ by 344 percent.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition from Calix,” said Melissa Lease, senior manager of marketing and sales at MHTC and newly inducted member of the Calix Broadband Marketing Hall of Fame. “It demonstrates that having an aligned team can have a giant-sized impact. The Revenue EDGE platform enables us to run unparalleled managed Wi-Fi that can support a growing portfolio of value-added managed services. Marketing Cloud gives us access to a subscriber insights engine to better understand our subscribers. Then the Market Activation Program makes it easy for us to pair those insights with customizable, agency-quality materials to run campaigns that drive growth and maximize our marketing return on investment. As a result, we can more easily expand and grow the exceptional subscriber experience that MHTC is known to provide.”

“We are proud to recognize MHTC as the winner of the 2022 Customer Innovations Award for Marketing,” said Matt Collins, executive vice president of commercial operations and chief marketing officer at Calix. “By crafting an omnichannel, data-driven approach to marketing and leveraging the full power of Calix platforms, MHTC drove business growth and gained an advantage in competitive markets. They were able to accomplish this by meeting the needs of their subscribers. The result was a dramatic increase in the adoption of new managed services and revenue growth. Over the past year, they have increased their subscriber base, grown ARPU, and positively impacted subscribers’ lives. MHTC stands out as a giant in the broadband industry, and we are proud to partner with them in their success.”

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