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Micro Influencers – Brand Ambassadors for Martech Industries

Micro Influencers having 30,000 followers

Marketing, these days is not limited to black and white, digital, or billboards only. It has slowly crept into the world where influencers are the king. Influential Marketing has become a pivotal part in terms of trust, credibility, and loyalty. To advocate its interpretation in the literal sense, social media has played an essential role in shaping the way business profit these days which has eventually led to the waterfall of influencers all around.

As we dwell into it further, maximum impact and strong connection with followers has brought Micro Influencers into the limelight. Influencers with 10,000 or fewer followers are called as micro influencers who are creating a paradigm shift in the marketing technology world. Although Martech has gained itself lots of popularity these days, Micro Influencers have grabbed the aisle seat as well.

As per research, the study suggested that influencers with less number of followers provided maximum ROI (Return on Investment) and the ones with a higher number of audience. Area of expertise, compassion, and authenticity are the factors which drive the micro influencers with loyalty and unvarying and steady follower base.

According to Hello Society of New York Times, Micro Influencers, or accounts having 30,000 or fewer followers, are termed to be more beneficial for marketers to work with. The reasons stated are the higher engagement they deliver; they hardly cause a dent in the pocket (cost-effective), and most importantly they derive 22.2% more weekly conversations than the average consumer i.e. they drive the social buzz of the brand.

As Martech has gained popularity, Micro Influencers can sail the ship further with their efforts and likeability of the brand they promote.  With the aid of Micro Influencers and its bevy of tools, efforts, and initiatives to harness technology, Martech is going to dominate the Internet-based markets.

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