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Microip Inc. Displays Advanced AI and IC Design Solutions


Leader in IC design services Microip Inc. will exhibit at the esteemed COMPUTEX 2024 with its innovative “AI Design Technology Services” and “Complete IC Design Solutions.” The products offered by the company demonstrate how AI is becoming increasingly significant in the global technology sector, particularly in IC design.

Chairman James Yang emphasized the significance of innovation in maintaining a competitive edge in the semiconductor industry. Being able to incorporate key software like AI algorithms and data mapping into chip design, along with its practical technology and experience, makes Microip Inc. an outstanding COMPUTEX 2024 participant.

The company’s AI Design Services, which will be a focal point at the exhibition, leverage AI to solve real-world problems, including the safety and efficient charging of electric vehicles. The new generation of AI chips, embedded with algorithms and data calculations, can perform real-time detection and recognition of biological features and living bodies. This integration of AI into chip design is set to revolutionize the industry.

Microip Inc.’s AI Design Solutions offer several advantages. They provide high efficiency computing power, allowing for faster data processing, and meeting complex AI algorithm requirements. The design tools offer flexibility and scalability, catering to different industries and application scenarios. Additionally, the low hardware construction threshold enables customers to introduce AI services without large-scale hardware upgrades.

In addition to AI, Microip Inc. has incorporated NFC technology into its services to meet expanding market demand. The wide application range of NFC technology can serve various industries, including mobile smart payment, information sharing, smart home systems, and IoT applications.

During COMPUTEX 2024, Microip Inc. will conduct multiple technical talks to delve deeper into the application and advantages of its services and products. The company looks forward to engaging with clients and partners from around the world to explore future cooperation possibilities.

Microip Inc. is a Taiwan-based company specializing in IC design services, AI design services, and IP licensing platforms. It is committed to assisting clients with customized chip development, substantially reducing development time and costs. For more information, visit

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