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Microsoft Drafts Bigleaf Into ScaleUp Accelerator Program

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Bigleaf Networks has been invited to join Microsoft’s ScaleUp program.

Microsoft ScaleUp is an immersive collaboration with successful startups that offers access to sales, marketing and technical support around Microsoft’s enterprise technologies, as well as expanded joint go-to-market opportunities. The invitation gives Bigleaf the ability to go to market with Microsoft’s sales team as enterprises move their software to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and suite of cloud-based applications.

“Bigleaf is the kind of company that fits well with our ecosystem and vision for the future. Like other companies we’ve invited into Microsoft’s ScaleUp Program, Bigleaf is focused not only on solving the challenges our customers face today, but helping them see and prepare for the challenges they’ll face tomorrow,” said Raghav Kher, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups.

Bigleaf has taken a decidedly contrarian approach in a crowded SD-WAN market. The company’s SD-WAN architecture was built for a future where enterprises will choose cloud-first solutions over traditional private network based technologies.

“There is a future state to enterprise networking that looks a lot different than what is broadly deployed today,” said Joel Mulkey, Bigleaf founder and CEO. “Changing technology consumption patterns mean networks need to be architected accordingly. We have a view on this and it doesn’t include manually-built fine-grained policies. It’s a future where companies will rely on AI and algorithms to make network changes in real time as their needs and environments change. We’re an SD-WAN built for the future.”

Bigleaf’s current go to market model is focused almost entirely on channel partners. The company has seen remarkable success in an area long considered to be a niche. Today, that niche is where modern businesses are heading.

“By being part of ScaleUp, we’ll sell side by side with Microsoft’s sales teams and have our solutions listed on the Azure Marketplace. Our contrarian view to SD-WAN starts to feel a lot less contrarian when it aligns with the same future a company like Microsoft sees,” said Mulkey.

About Bigleaf

Bigleaf Networks is the intelligent networking service that optimizes Internet and Cloud performance by dynamically choosing the best connection based on real-time usage and diagnostics. Inspired by the natural architecture of leaves, the Bigleaf Cloud-first SD-WAN platform leverages redundant connections for optimal traffic re-routing, failover and load-balancing. The company is dedicated to providing a better Internet experience and ensuring peace of mind with simple implementation, friendly support and powerful technology. Founded in 2012, Bigleaf Networks is investor-backed, with service across North America.

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