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Microsoft wins at the 2019 Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review

Burger King and Sprint Fumble during the Game

Microsoft was a big winner in strategic ad rankings with its “We All Win” ad in the 15th consecutive Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review. Other brands that earned top marks include Amazon, Bumble, Expensify, Google, Pepsi and The Washington Post. On the flip side, Avocados from Mexico, Burger King, Mint Mobile, SimpliSafe, Sprint and Turkish Airlines received low grades for less effective advertising during this year’s Super Bowl.

“Microsoft was the winning ad with its ‘We All Win’ spot because it was distinctive and laddered up to an emotional space,” said Derek D. Rucker, Sandy & Morton Goldman Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies in Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. “Burger King missed the mark this year with the lack of a real message and failed to capture attention.”

The primary trend this year was the use of technology, including brands using robots and artificial intelligence in their spots. We also saw some brands successfully use emotion with powerful, positive messages, including Microsoft, Bumble and Google.

“The Super Bowl was all about technology this year – technology brands ran a lot of advertising and even non-technology brands featured technology in their spots,” said Tim Calkins, Clinical Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, who co-leads the school’s Ad Review.

The Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review uses a strategic academic framework known as ADPLAN to evaluate the effectiveness of Super Bowl spots. The acronym instructs viewers to grade ads based on Attention, Distinction, Positioning, Linkage, Amplification and Net Equity.

A full list of the rankings is available here.

To learn more about the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review, visit https://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/news-events/super-bowl.aspx.

For more information about the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, visit www.kellogg.northwestern.edu.

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