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Mintegral Continues to Excel in Singular’s ROI Index 2023


Singular released its ROI Index 2023 rankings this week, and Mobvista subsidiary, Mintegral, continues to impress as a top global ad network – placing in the top 10 for ad networks with the most rankings and breakout performances across key emerging markets such as South America and top 5 ROI prowess for gaming and non-gaming, alike.

Singular’s ROI Index ranks the world’s top ad networks, parsing out ROI performance across both iOS and Android and taking over $10 billion in ad spend, ten billion app installs, and over 10 trillion ad impressions into consideration.

ROI on iOS

Despite the industry being entrenched in the post-IDFA world, Mintegral’s performance has remained strong. The company was recognized as a top 5 network on SKAN ROI globally and the top 10 for gaming globally, giving further credence to its algorithm and LAT estimation capabilities.

ROI & Retention on Android

Mintegral’s performance on Android has also been noteworthy. Its growing partnerships and premium access have led it to a top 10 spot for ROI in highly competitive markets such as North America and EMEA and emerging markets like LATAM and APAC. Retention is no different – ranking top 5 in LATAM and top 10 elsewhere. Mintegral’s technology has quickly become the driving force behind its ability to deliver ROI and produce scale. Mintegral’s commitment to advancing its technology also led it to be one of the first ad platforms to develop dynamic creative optimization (DCO). Mintegral’s dynamic creative optimization tech automatically analyzes and iterates ad creatives at an element level. These real-time optimizations mean ad budgets are directed towards creatives with the highest conversion rates, allowing Mintegral to generate higher ROI for UA partners.

A Robust Traffic Network

Mintegral’s algorithm system can comprehensively structure and process massive amounts of third-party data while ensuring user data privacy and continually training its machine learning model. Mintegral has developed its traffic network significantly over the past few years and has grown its DSP and mediation partnerships globally. Driven by intelligent tech, Mintegral’s SDK ad network is integrated with an ever-growing list, including MAX, Unity LevelPlay, DT FairBid, TopOn, Yandex, and more, to deliver the most competitive demand to developers across non-gaming and gaming verticals and regions worldwide. Mintegral has historically performed very well on retention performance indexes and is a direct indication of Mintegral’s best in class traffic quality.

Click here to access Singular’s ROI Index 2023.

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