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Mintegral Surges To Become a Top 5 Global Ad Network

Mintegral excels in gaming retention, ranking as the top ad network across multiple gaming genres
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Mintegral, a leading mobile programmatic advertising platform, announced today that it was featured on AppsFlyer’s Performance Index 291 times, 43 of which were Top 3 rankings across all app verticals and regions. The AppsFlyer Performance Index is a comprehensive industry-standard report that highlights top mobile media sources globally. In addition to regional rankings, the report includes iOS and Android rankings across all major non-gaming and gaming app verticals. The report included 623 media sources to examine 33 billion app installs, 17,000 apps, and 55 billion app opens.

Mintegral outperforms the market on the Retention Index

Most notably, Mintegral outperformed the market on the Retention Index ranking 171 times and received the top position for a number of regional gaming categories including simulation, midcore, casual and music. Globally, Mintegral ranked 4 for Android and 7 for iOS.

As one of the most important mobile metrics, retention measures how engaged mobile app users are over time and provides lifetime values (LTV) to optimize user acquisition. While engagement has increased since the pandemic, retention has become increasingly more important and has become an indicator on the traffic quality each ad network provides. AppsFlyer’s retention is measured through non-organic installs across days 1, 3, 7, 14, and 30 with the longer the user is retained, the higher the score.

Other standout rankings

Mintegral’s strength in mobile gaming is also apparent in North America and Western Europe, placing number 1 for midcore gaming on iOS. Hardcore games have also continued to explode in Western markets, with Mintegral ranking Top 3 across North America and Western Europe.

Android-heavy emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and India have also seen Mintegral secure top placements. APAC markets have recently been identified as a clear stand out for gaming user acquisition, accounting for up to 64% of ad spend distribution. Mintegral is the number 1 ad network for India, the Middle East and South-east Asian simulation gaming on iOS.

The Performance Index also included an in-app advertising (IAA) index which analyzes ad revenue generated from a single media source for which Mintegral ranked 6th for iOS and 8th for Android in global gaming categories. In-app purchase (IAP) indexes conveys a media source’s strength with non-organic paying users and had Mintegral ranking 8th globally for iOS.

“Our performance rankings are a real testament to our ability in providing our publishers and advertisers with consistent, sustainable growth and ROI”, said Erick Fang, Mintegral CEO. “Mintegral’s programmatic and creative technologies continue to outperform the market and give global clients the ability to bridge the gap between East and West.”

The recent shake up in the mobile ecosystem caused by iOS14 and the pandemic has made the industry significantly more competitive. Mintegral has placed heavy emphasis on continued improvements to its algorithms and advertising technology and as a result, Apple’s implementation of limited ad tracking had minimal effect on monetization efforts, with Mintegral’s overall in-app bidding win rate increasing by 36%.

AppsFlyer’s Performance Index showcases Mintegral consistent growth and strengthened market position. Mintegral recently recorded an unaudited revenue of $160 million in Q3 2021, an increase of 72.86% compared to Q3 2020. In addition, the company also recently gained multiple 3rd party certifications for user privacy and data security including WhiteSource SDK security audits, SOC2 Type1 & 2 reports, kidSAFE+ COPPA Seal Audit, IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK, and more.

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