Mitto announces support for Shopify, Enabling A2P Messaging

93% of consumers leave e-commerce carts abandoned, nearly ¾ are likely to return an abandoned digital shopping cart when sent an SMS reminder, new Mitto research reveals

Mitto, a leading provider of global omnichannel communications solutions, today announced it has added support for Shopify, a global provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce used by millions of e-commerce websites around the world. Mitto’s integration with Shopify represents the latest advancement in the growing capabilities of its omnichannel communications platform, and enables brands leveraging one of the world’s largest online commerce platforms to deliver fast, reliable two-way A2P messaging directly to their customers.

Mitto’s integration with Shopify follows new research from the omnichannel communications provider around the power of SMS/text messages to encourage online shoppers to return to abandoned carts, a growing phenomenon in which customers place items in an online cart but exit the checkout process prior to purchasing. In March, Mitto surveyed 1,000 consumers aged 18+ and found the overwhelming majority — 93% — leave at least one item in their online cart for a period of time before purchasing or leaving. However, when sent an SMS/text messaging reminder, nearly ¾ of respondents (73%) said they are likely to return to their abandoned cart. These message-based reminders are more effective for Millennials and Gen Z — 78% of whom said they are likely to return to an abandoned cart — than their older peers aged 55+ (71%).

With over 4.4 million websites in over 175 countries globally using Shopify for their e-commerce, the ability for SMS/text message abandoned cart reminders, enabled through Mitto’s new integration, to drive otherwise-lost revenue, customer engagement and overall brand loyalty for Shopify merchants is incredibly powerful.

“The ongoing rise in online shopping has led to a growing problem for e-commerce merchants: cart abandonment. However, as our research has shown, SMS reminders have the ability to bring customers back into their carts and often through to purchase,” said Andrea Giacomini, CEO of Mitto. “Mitto’s integration with Shopify arms merchants with direct messaging capabilities to engage in the types of meaningful two-way conversations customers want, and and highlights Mitto’s continued push to advance our capabilities to meet the evolving needs of digital brands.”

Shopify is a leading global commerce company that offers trusted tools to start, scale, market, and run a retail business of any size. Shopify makes commerce better for everyone with a platform and services that are engineered for speed, customization, reliability, and security, while delivering a better shopping experience for consumers online, in store and everywhere in between. Shopify Inbox creates a single mailbox for all online customer interactions, enabling its customers to manage customer conversations, customize the chat appearance on their online store, create automatic responses, and view conversation analytics. The tool lets e-commerce brands easily add two-way messaging to their online store, allowing brands to communicate with customers during and after the shopping experience to gain insights into what customers have in their cart, share custom discount codes to close sales, and identify conversations that are likely to lead to a sale via automatic message classification

Mitto’s integration of Shopify indicates its commitment to advancing its capabilities and its resources to onboard new top-tier tech integrations as customer needs and industry trends evolve. With an aggressive roadmap, dedicated development teams and global reach, Mitto continues to deliver the best omnichannel communications solutions in the market. Mitto has a decade of experience working on the improvement and efficiency of omnichannel messaging through quality technologies. Through its advanced routing platform and direct strategic partnerships with hundreds of operators around the world, Mitto enables optimized communication experiences for the entire ecosystem of mobile operators, messaging aggregators, global brands, and consumers. Mitto currently integrates with over 30 partners, including Shopify. For a full list of Mitto integrations click here.

Anatomy of SMS Cart Abandonment Reminders
Mitto’s research on cart abandonment also found a strong appetite for more SMS-text reminders: 71% of consumers surveyed said they would appreciate more follow-up SMS reminders of abandoned carts. When asked what features of SMS abandoned cart reminders are most appealing, over half (51%) said it is the one-click link that directs them right back to their unfinished cart. 42% said the short format of SMS/text messages make them quick to read while about ¼ said the simple format of SMS abandoned cart reminders makes them easy to read.

The content and offers included in SMS/text message abandoned cart reminders is also crucial to their effectiveness. Over half (54%) said discounts on the order are most effective at encouraging them to revisit an abandoned cart, followed by free/discounted shipping (30%), one-click links back to the cart (15%) and a referral bonus (1%).

Three-quarters say it takes only 1-2 reminders in general to return to their abandoned cart, and prefer they be sent late morning (preferred by 26% of respondents) or early afternoon (20%).

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