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MMA Forms New Media & Data Board Comprised of Major Marketers

Bank of America’s Louis Paskalis, the former MMA North America Board Chair, will chair new MMA Board that aims to tackle complex issues across media
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MMA Global, the industry body dedicated to driving modern marketing and shaping the future of marketing, has announced the formation of a new Media & Data Board of Directors. Comprised of senior marketing professionals responsible for media investment at large marketers across a wide range of product categories, the Board’s mandate is to drive positive change within the area of marketing and media strategy.

“The value of a trade organization can be measured in many ways, but consistent advocacy for industry improvement is probably the most important measure of success. When it comes to taking on the challenges that plague marketing today, the MMA certainly scores high marks from a time and effort invested standpoint. MMA is uniquely able to address these areas in that it represents and engages all sides of the ecosystem (marketers, media, tech and agencies), and has a history of tackling tough issues,” says Louis Paskalis, Senior VP, Customer Engagement & Media Investment at Bank of America, who will serve as Chair of the Board. “Having run media departments for three decades, I have never seen more turmoil, complexity, and fragmentation across the ecosystem than we are experiencing now. I am excited about the opportunity to help shape the work of the MMA in taking on these challenges, as we are an action-oriented group that harnesses cross-industry perspectives to create effective solutions.”

The MMA Media & Data Board’s mission is to leverage powerful MMA proprietary research, multi-dimensional knowledge of the addressable ecosystem, and the collective heft of pioneering senior marketers all seeking to add greater value to every consumer engagement. The Media & Data Board will also drive improved accountability and measurement, better frameworks for more responsive orgs, increased protection for both the brand and its consumers. The Board intends to do so by working across the ecosystem to address the challenges that impact the successful planning, buying, application of data, and measurement of media to provide sustainable business growth while getting closer than ever to consumers.

“As a decade-long media strategist myself, this is a transformational moment for media investment and a historic opportunity to uncover more data-driven, more personal and more complex connections with consumers,” adds Greg Stuart, MMA’s CEO. “Yet, the media landscape is also more technical than ever, with less clarity of where value lies. Every day a new ad product emerges and an old channel disappears, all fighting to establish consumer connections against the backdrop of an unclear regulatory environment, new brand risks, and even outright fraud around what seems like every corner. Our Media & Data Board will dissect the changes and challenges around media, drive industry thought leadership, and formulate perspectives to create lasting business value in managing media investment.”

The Media & Data Board’s first program will focus on assessing the value of a quality digital ecosystem. The board’s thesis is that without a clear sense of value and ROI for change, it is unlikely transformation will happen anytime soon, as has been apparent to date regardless of the public demands by big advertisers. Other tasks the Board plans to tackle include:
1.    Guidance and discussion of consumer identifiers given the impending loss of 3rd party cookies and mobile identifiers;
2.    Comparative and detailed evaluations of Deterministic vs. Probabilistic approaches;
3.    Application of data to marketing including ROI frameworks and marketer capability development;
4.    Monitoring the future of data for marketers.

The Board includes the following leaders:
M&D Board Executive Committee:
Chair: Louis Paskalis, SVP, Customer Engagement & Media Investment, Bank of America
Ben Jankowski, Group Head, Global Media, Mastercard
Kate Armstrong, VP, Global Integrated Media, Nike
Charlie Chappell, Head of Integrated Media & Comms Planning, The Hershey Co.
Andrew Covato, Global Head of Measurement & Insights, Snap, Inc.
Sean Downey, Managing Dir., Media Platforms, Google

Media & Data Board Members:
Amy Adams, Global Head of Personalization, McDonald’s
Jay Altschuler, VP, Media Transformation, Petco
Brad Feinberg, VP of Media and Consumer Engagement, Molson Coors
Tracy-Ann Lim, Chief Media Officer, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Kari Marshall, Vice President Media & CRM, T-Mobile
Gina Moletto, Media Director NA & LATAM, GlaxoSmithKline
Lynne Minter, US Privacy Director, Global Privacy Office, Merck
Lina Shields, Chief Media Officer, Eli Lilly
Kay Vizon, Media Director, Kroger
Armin Molavi, VP, Global Media Director, formerly Hilton
Wayne Townsend, President, Epsilon Technology
Harry Kargman, Founder & CEO, Kargo
Joe Zawadzki, CEO & Founder, MediaMath

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