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Moberg Pharma partners with Allderma for launch in Scandinavia

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Moberg Pharma AB (OMX: MOB) has entered into a collaboration with Allderma AB for the launch of MOB-015 (for nail fungus) in SwedenNorway and Denmark. Allderma is managed by the commercial leaders which were responsible for the successful Nordic launch of Nalox®, Moberg Pharma’s first-generation nail fungus product.

In the collaboration, Allderma is responsible for marketing, distribution and sales in SwedenDenmark and Norway, while Moberg Pharma is responsible for the manufacture and delivery of the product. The agreement also includes co-financing of marketing activities and market-based financial terms.

The agreement with Allderma complements the existing licensing agreement for MOB-015 in Europe. The agreed terms allow for an early launch in Moberg Pharma’s home market closely after market approval, expected in 2023.

“Rapidly after launch, Nalox® became the market leader in the Nordics and grew the market by 400%. It is very valuable for us to repeat this successful cooperation for the launch of MOB-015, a drug with much greater potential. There is also a great advantage to be directly involved in an early launch prior to additional launches with our partners,” says Anna Ljung, CEO Moberg Pharma AB.

“We look forward to the launch of MOB-015, the first topical drug with equal antifungal efficacy as oral treatment, without the risk for severe side effects. The goal is the same as last time: to reach a market-leading position in Scandinavia,” says Mimmi Frölén, CEO of Allderma AB.

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