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Five tips to help boost sales figures with strategic digital networking
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The team behind Mobicard, an exclusive and revolutionary digital business card platform exchange, is providing professionals with tips and strategies to bolster their digital networking skills to increase their overall sales performance. The following five strategies have been utilized by experts in a variety of industries to generate leads, convert sales opportunities, and increase revenue.

1. Embrace the Need:

Online networking can be stressful if you are new to the game. Fortunately, one of the core principles of traditional networking remains intact – embracing the need. Ask yourself, how can I provide value to the person I am meeting? Once you identify a need that they may have (or hear one through your conversation with them), be direct in your responses and try to be as objective-focused as possible. If the person you are networking with sees you as a problem-solver, or a person that can provide a solution to a challenge they are facing, they will be much more inclined to maintain a steady professional relationship with you in the future.

2. Be SEO-Friendly:

You should be driving the right kind of traffic towards your website, LinkedIn, and online business card. With traditional SEO practices, you can leverage specific keywords to find recruiters and professional connections that are relevant to your industry and interests. With MobiCard, users can list their name, professional titles, contact information, videos, websites, email addresses, social media sites, Google driving directions, and even personalized audio voice recordings to their online business cards. THAT is a surefire way to generate the right kind of traffic to your digital door. Mobicard is available in your app store or at for your desktop or laptop.

3. Remarket to Reconnect:

In digital networking, you are constantly marketing yourself as you try to sell your products, services or abilities. Remarketing is key when selling products, and it is just as key when you are trying to sell yourself in a digital networking engagement. Be ready and willing to make the extra effort when it comes to follow-up calls, messages, emails, and in-person meetings (if applicable). This demonstrates both effort and intent as you increase your visibility over time. Mobicard has data analytics and real-time alerts so you can better know who to follow up with and when.

4. Sweet-stakes:

Again, if it works when selling products or services, it might work in digital networking. Run giveaways and contests on social and professional media to increase connections and broaden your overall network. If you are operating on a tight budget, get creative! Offer one of your followers a personalized professional compliment if they are to win your online contest. It is a fun way to generate potential connections and leads while keeping things casual on the surface of the engagement.

5. The “U” in Unique:

At the end of the day, creativity is great, but being yourself is what will truly make you stand out in any engagement, whether it is in person or online. If you can start a captivating conversation or inject your personality into a discussion, it will be hard for a person to forget that when the encounter concludes. Be yourself, and present your unique value proposition in a way that will make people say “Hey! I remember him/her because…” It will go a long way. Mobicard is the first-of-its-kind proprietary solution for the digital business card industry that will certainly help you stand out and make that GREAT first impression.

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