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Mobile marketplace Viant & Kochava deliver reporting solution

Real-Time App Analytics Scales Adelphic’s Foot Traffic Attribution
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Viant Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: DSP), a leading people-based advertising software company, and Kochava Collective, the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace, today announced the successful integration of Kochava Collective’s real-world location data within the Adelphic® advertising software, scaling location-based insights and foot traffic measurement for Viant’s brands and agencies.

Kochava Collective’s 9 billion daily location data points across 191M monthly active users now serve as additional data fueling Adelphic’s Foot Traffic Attribution and Reporting.

“Viant is continuously looking to drive new integrations that better equip our customers for today’s ever-changing digital market,” said Jon Schulz, Chief Marketing Officer, Viant. “Our partnership with Kochava Collective will bolster insights for brands and agencies looking to better understand how their marketing efforts are driving foot traffic, and ultimately, brick-and-mortar sales.”

Adelphic’s Advanced Reporting suite features programmatic campaign reporting, planning and analytics tools, including Foot Traffic Attribution Reports that provide brands and agencies a better understanding of the real-time impact of their media campaigns.

“The reliability of any foot traffic attribution report depends on validated location data, with a privacy first approach,” said Dominic Perfetti, GM, Kochava Collective. “We’re proud to partner with Viant to help brands and agencies maximize their audience discoveries.”

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