MobileFuse Achieves Carbon Negative Status

Leading Adtech Platform Sets New Standard for Digital Media Industry's Carbon Footprint Reductions

MobileFuse, one of the largest in-app, CTV, and DOOH advertising platforms, today announced it is carbon negative. MobileFuse stands as the first advertising technology platform to reach this significant milestone, and is continuing its efforts to further reduce carbon emissions via technology optimizations and operational policies.

This year, MobileFuse’s carbon emissions will reach approximately 1,106 metric tons of CO2e. By contrast, Google’s CO2e emissions were 11,371,205 metric tons in 2021. When accounting for MobileFuse’s growth, emissions are down over 50% since 2019. The strategies implemented to achieve this included deploying technical optimizations that efficiently scale servers only when needed, and reducing server-side CPU usage. Additionally, the company implemented improved AI software that intelligently predicts when downstream partners will bid on ad opportunities, significantly reducing unnecessary server pings going to demand-side platforms. To offset its remaining carbon emissions, the company purchased 1,165 carbon credits – – resulting in its carbon negative status.

“The digital advertising industry’s environmental impact is increasingly top-of-mind, and every company has a responsibility to evolve their practices for the greater good,” said Chris Hughes, Head of Mobile Innovation and Privacy at MobileFuse. “We hope our achievement and approaches serve as a template for others, and that our organizational strategies redefine industry standards around how brands, marketers and vendors work together without negatively impacting the world around them.”

The vast majority of tools digital advertising practitioners rely on require data centers. In fact, by 2040, storing digital data is set to create 14 percent of the world’s emissions, around the same proportion as the US does today. Additionally, the cloud has a larger carbon footprint than the airline industry; a single data center can consume the equivalent electricity of 50,000 homes. As the digital advertising industry is forecasted to reach $876 billion by 2026 – subsequently making a larger impact on the climate – it’s imperative all companies innovate their practices and reduce emissions.

“Givsly has been fortunate to partner with MobileFuse for several years as they proactively work to incorporate giving into their marketing and sales efforts. While some companies focus more on talking about the importance of sustainability, MobileFuse makes an authentic effort to put their company values of protecting our environment into tangible action,” said Chad Hickey, Founder and CEO of Givsly. “I am thrilled to see MobileFuse move beyond our direct efforts and implement sustainable practices across all areas of their business.”

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