Moltin and Voucherify Partners for eCommerce Promotions Solution

Moltin to provide Voucherify’s best-in-class promotion engine natively within their Commerce Service to empower brands with increased profitability of their unique consumer experiences
eCommerce Promotions Solution

Moltin, provider of the only Commerce Service that empowers high-growth brands to deliver unique, shoppable moments anywhere the consumer and brand meet, and Voucherify, provider of Promotion Management Software for digital teams, have announced a strategic partnership whereby Voucherify will be fully integrated into the Moltin Commerce Service, both at the product-level and commercially. The unified solution will empower brands with unmatched control over how they merchandize and monetize their consumers, across any digital channel.

Planning and executing an effective promotions strategy is imperative for brands aspiring to achieve outsized eCommerce revenue growth. However, traditional commerce platforms, like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce, provide “out of the box” promotions capabilities that are too rigid and lack key capabilities needed to effectively maximize revenue. This is why Voucherify created a best-in-class promotions solution, enabling digital marketers to create highly personalized and automated campaigns. By teaming-up to create a unified solution, the companies are providing brands with the flexibility to deliver truly differentiated digital experiences, and the control to effectively monetize their audiences.

“For years, brands have been held back by the mediocre and rigid promotion and transaction capabilities of traditional eCommerce platforms,” says Jamus Driscoll, CEO of Moltin. “Through this partnership with Voucherify, we are liberating brands and merchants with the flexibility and control they need to create and deliver unique and highly-profitable digital experiences.”

Benefits to brands:

  • Expand digital reach across omni-channel touch points
  • Increase profitability
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Reduce operational overhead

The partnership between Moltin and Voucherify combines two industry-leading, API-first solutions – the Commerce Service from Moltin, which drives the core of the digital commerce experience across any channel, with the Promotion Management Software from Voucherify, which drives personalized coupons, digital gift cards, multi-level referral programs, cart-level promotions, and customizable loyalty programs. This partnership is much more than a product-level integration – Moltin has deeply and seamlessly integrated the Voucherify Promotion Software into the core of the Moltin Commerce Service, and delivers this to brands as a fully integrated commercial offering, with Voucherify contract, pricing, implementation, and support all being delivered by Moltin. This means brands get access to best-in-class promotions capabilities combined with the service and support expected from a single-vendor solution.

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