Moz Unveils SEO Innovations at MozCon 2024

Discover Moz.Harnessing AI Capabilities for Effortless Efficiency; and Improving Discoverability to Unleash the Power of Data

Moz, a pioneer in SEO and marketing software, announces the launch of several powerful features today at MozCon 2024. Among these is the introduction of Moz AI, enabling more efficient workflows and enhancing the enterprise-quality data that Moz Pro users depend on. Additionally, Moz is introducing new Moz API plans to make best-in-class data affordable with new Moz API Beta endpoints, including keyword, intent, brand, and link metrics.

A focus on modernizing Moz’s tools was also clear today with a completely revitalized STAT, Moz’s enterprise SERP tracking solution, alongside a host of usability improvements in Moz Pro’s revamped interface. These improvements allow customers to dive into a more intuitive experience, allowing them to build their strategies from ideation to campaign development.

For over two decades, Moz has been a trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization, consistently delivering innovative solutions tailored for SEO professionals. Today, you are invited to discover Moz – a pioneer with a keen eye on the future.

Moz’s commitment to usability, effectiveness, and efficiency is reflected in these latest enhancements. Moz offers tools that not only solve today’s SEO problems but also lay a solid foundation for businesses to understand and navigate their future directions. With Moz, SEOs can confidently optimize content, build robust strategies, and achieve their goals. Discover Moz – where advanced technology meets intuitive design, ensuring that SEO professionals can achieve exceptional results effortlessly.

“2024 is a milestone for Moz, a chance to celebrate our two-decade journey while looking towards the opportunities ahead,” says Ethan Hays, General Manager at Moz. “Tools and approaches need to evolve because the evolution of the search ecosystem is accelerating. The search landscape has seen more turbulence this last year than at almost any point in Moz’s 20-year history. Our goal is to help our customers face that head-on. Our core commitment is unchanged: empowering SEO practitioners through software, education, and community.”

Discover Moz:

  • Moz AI: Available in Moz Pro, Moz AI includes three powerful features: Search Intent in Keyword Suggestions, Domain Search Theme, and Domain Keyword Topics in Domain Overview. These new AI-powered features allow Moz Pro customers to streamline their efforts, optimize their SEO strategies, and enable them to make data-driven decisions.
  • AI-powered Search Intent: Moz Pro’s newest feature in Keyword Suggestions, AI-powered Search Intent, bridges the gap between search metrics and user behavior. SEOs and marketers will now be able to strengthen the foundation of their strategies with deeper insights and optimize campaigns based on what resonates with their target audiences.

  • Refreshed Moz Pro UI: Discover a new interface that offers a seamless user experience. Customers will now spend less time navigating and more time optimizing, understanding the strength of their competition, and identifying content optimization opportunities.

  • New STAT UI: Redesigned to cut through the noise and draw attention to the metrics that matter most, STAT’s all-new UI helps customers better understand and tell the stories in their data and move from insight to action more quickly. Built with an eye toward innovation and adaptability, this highly anticipated update marks the start of a new chapter for STAT.
  • Moz API from just $5, no overages: Moz API customers can now access more enterprise-quality Moz Data to build custom tools, dashboards, SaaS products, and Apps, with new affordable entry-level pricing starting at just $5/month. Customers can access the expanded Beta endpoints, which include Keyword Metrics, Keyword Suggestions, Search Intent, Ranking Keywords, and Brand Authority, on plans starting at $20/month. API customers can get a sneak peek into what the future of the API holds with modernized documentation, a simplified authentication process, and a revamped dashboard, providing a better overall developer experience.

Moz will demo these product enhancements at MozCon on June 3 and 4. You can find them at the booths in the sponsor hub outside the general session hall or learn more at

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