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MResult Launches New Opptymized Division

Services include precision campaign analytics, web and application development, e-learning, and e-commerce services
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MResult, a global technology company specializing in data analytics and development, today announced the launch of Opptymized, a new division focused on providing precision campaign analytics to small and mid-sized advertising agencies martech news.

Marketing campaigns generate abundant data from multiple sources. Getting all that data harmonized can be difficult making it hard to develop a clear picture of what’s happening. Opptymized specializes in the end-to-end data management services required to generate insights that are important as marketing departments start to move from purely descriptive to more predictive analysis martech.

Sekhar Naik, CEO of MResult said, “Fully 20% of large corporate marketing budgets are spent on analytical software and software services. For smaller firms this isn’t sustainable. At MResult we have begun helping smaller agencies expand their analytical capabilities to bring deeper, more valuable insights to their clients. Launching Opptymized to focus on serving this segment is an exciting and logical step in the growth of MResult.”

Richard Durishin, Opptymized VP of Accounts, said: “At MResult, we’ve spent the last 15 years delivering technology and business analytics solutions to our customers. We’re excited about building upon our know-how to make that same, high-powered analytical expertise available to small and mid-sized agencies. We have built some great partnerships with agencies in the last few years and are excited to be launching a division dedicated to the space.”

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