Muck Rack’s Global Media Monitoring Now Covers 600,000+ Outlets

Public relations management platform’s AI-powered monitoring now tracks more than 2 million articles a day
Muck Rack’s

Muck Rack, the public relations management (PRM) platform that helps organizations find the right journalists to pitch, monitor and report on media coverage and prove the value of earned media, today announced a significant expansion of its Global Media Monitoring capabilities to include more than 600,000 global news sources, spanning online, television, radio, newsletters and print, powered by AI technology.

The monitoring enhancements include the addition of hundreds of thousands new online outlets, a 250% year-over-year increase. Using the latest advances in AI and machine learning to source and surface relevant information from across the web, Twitter and broadcast, Muck Rack has tripled the number of articles it monitors to more than two million articles a day, and will continue to increase its network of media sources and articles over time.

The increase is a result of Muck Rack’s significant investment in its monitoring offerings across 45 key countries of the more than 230 it monitors, including Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, India, Japan and the Netherlands, among many others. It monitors content across 123 languages.

The additional data also powers Muck Rack Alerts, Reporting and Dashboards, as well as Muck Rack’s industry-leading Media Database, with the aim of helping customers track, measure and showcase even more coverage and prove the value of their work.

“With these enhancements, we’ve built a best-in-class monitoring experience that’s the perfect pairing to our beloved media database,” said Gregory Galant, cofounder and CEO of Muck Rack. “We’ve taken great care to ensure every outlet and article we monitor is a valuable media source to provide the most accurate and timely monitoring and reporting for our customers.”

Because it’s built from the ground up, Muck Rack’s platform also allows customers to do more with their new data sources, including:

  • The ability to follow journalists and their work and engage directly with them via Alerts.
  • The ability to filter in/out what sources are most important with just a few clicks.
  • Access to Muck Rack’s flexible Coverage Reports, Dashboards, Presentations and Newsletters to best showcase coverage value.

The monitoring enhancements follow a series of new product enhancements in recent months, including the ability to listen to 35 million+ podcast episodes within the Muck Rack platform, new Google Analytics Dashboard widgets to see how PR efforts impact web traffic, and the ability to group syndicated articles in Search and Alerts, among many others. Request a demo for a tour of Muck Rack’s platform.

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