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MuleSoft Empowers Anyone to Unlock Data and Create Connected Customer Experiences

MuleSoft unveils new innovations that make it possible for any user to integrate systems, unify data and deliver truly connected, personalized customer experiences
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A provider of the leading platform for building application networks, MuleSoft, today announced new tools, pre-packaged connectors, and learning modules that enable any individual to compose connected customer experiences, without writing a single line of code. Now, any individual can become an Integration Trailblazer and effectively connect data sources that is the place where data resides and accelerate integration with automated, intelligent data mapping which is powered by Einstein and learn about the power of API-driven connectivity. With the correct skills and best-in-class technology, MuleSoft believes anyone should be capable of connecting data from any place to release the full intensity of Salesforce Customer 360. Martech

Every organization is experiencing digital transformation to put customers at the center, and integration has never been more strategic. On the basis of the Report of Connectivity Benchmark, Companies on an average have 900 applications, but only 29% are included together, trapping valuable data in silos and creating disconnected customer experiences. The future of connected experiences wants integration systems and unifying data with APIs and this talent should not be limited to the four walls of IT and should be accessible to those closest to the customer.

Releasing the power of Salesforce Customer 360

To additionally democratize integration, new tools developed on the Anypoint Platform of MuleSoft will empower anyone to integrate systems without even writing a single line of code. As part of this new experience, clients can concentrate on building amazing experiences by reusing APIs instead of running and managing the integration. Meanwhile, IT can keep governing centrally, secure and monitor these APIs across the organization through Anypoint Platform.

New features include:

Flow Designer: With AI capabilities of Einstein, Flow Designer will empower users to effectively develop integrations and automate processes of business faster than ever before, all this can be done without even writing a single line of code. Anyone can build smart integrations, with Einstein automatically with the help of AI-powered data mapping recommendations. With Flow Designer expelling the unpredictability of managing servers, infrastructure, and logs, MuleSoft is democratizing integration so organizations that can open the doors of innovation while IT maintains security and control.

Accelerators: Newly launched MuleSoft Accelerators systematize integration best practices and extracts them into pre-developed integration templates that allow businesses to deliver connected customer experiences faster.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Service Cloud arms service agents with order history, status, and update data to rapidly resolve customer issues. Accelerator for Service Cloud gives integration templates to connect ServiceNow and Jira into Service Cloud and make tickets directly from Service Cloud.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Commerce Cloud guarantees consumers have accurate and up-to-date product data by integrating inventory and catalog data directly into Commerce Cloud.

Anypoint API Community Manager: Full lifecycle API management, forums, personalization, chat, support case management, and engagement analytics unite in API Community Manager to develop digital ecosystems. Companies can efficiently share APIs with internal and external developers and Integration Trailblazers. New updates involve the ability to browse APIs, cases, forum posts, content articles, and client applications via keywords and categories with API Catalog and Integrated Search, ensuring communities can easily find the API resources they require.

These features are made more powerful with Anypoint Exchange, MuleSoft’s marketplace for pre-developed APIs and integrations. Anypoint Exchange empowers clients within an organization to collaborate and reuse integrations and APIs across their entire company, dramatically enhancing their speed and agility as they continue to digitally transform.

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